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Photograph of Nabina Liebow

Nabina Liebow Director of CAS Leadership Program and Senior Professorial Lecturer Philosophy and Religion

Nabina Liebow
(202) 885-6383 (Office)
CAS | Philosophy/Religion
Battelle-Tompkins 164
Office Hours (Fall 2021)
Thursdays 2:00-4:00 (via Zoom) and by appointment
Additional Positions at AU
CAS LEAD Director
Ph.D. Philosophy, Georgetown University
M.A. Philosophy, Georgetown University
B.A. Carleton College

Nabina Liebow (she/her) is the College of Arts and Sciences Leadership and Ethical Development Program Director (CAS LEAD) and a Senior Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and Religion. Her research focuses on racism and intersects with critical philosophy of race, social philosophy, applied ethics, and moral psychology. Nabina is passionate about making ethics education accessible and exciting to students from all backgrounds.

CAS LEAD is a cohort based four-year certificate program designed to teach and empower students to become effective, ethical leaders. Students in the program work with a close-knit cohort in seminars and on community-based learning opportunities. They learn to lead productively and with emotional-intelligence as well as to develop solutions that promote justice and equity.

Nabina is also an antiracist educator and consultant and has worked with a variety of DC area organizations including the Edlavtich Jewish Community Center of Washington DC, The Barker Adoption Foundation, and Asia Families as well as with individual clients. She is committed to bringing antiracism education and ethics training to a wide audience both inside and outside of academia.
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Spring 2024

  • CAS-151 LEAD Seminar II

  • CAS-152 LEAD First Year Seminar

  • CAS-251 LEAD Seminar IV

  • CAS-294 Comm Service Learning Project: Lead Seminar IV

  • CAS-350 LEAD Seminar V

Fall 2024

  • CAS-150 LEAD Seminar I

  • CAS-250 LEAD Seminar III

  • CAS-260 Ethical Ldrshp/Soc Inequality

  • CAS-350 LEAD Seminar V

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

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