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Photograph of Manuela Lippi

Manuela Lippi Adjunct Asst Professor Department of Physics

2010 - PhD in Astrophysics - Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (Goettingen, DE) and T.U. Braunschweig University (Braunschweig, DE)

2006 - Master Degree in Physics at University of Pisa

Manuela Lippi is expert in cometary science, astrobiology and high-resolution spectroscopy in the infrared, and she is currently collaborating with Drs. G. L. Villanueva and M. J. Mumma, at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

In 2007 she obtained a Phd position in Germany at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Göttingen and the Technische Universität Braunschweigh, under the supervision of Dr. H. Böhnhardt and Dr. Prof J. Blum. During the PhD, she worked actively in the study of comets using high resolution spectroscopy in the infrared and she participated in many comet observation campaigns, using CRIRES at the VLT ESO Observatory (Paranal, Chile), as either principal or co-investigator. Moreover, she developed a line-by-line quantum molecular model for the ν1 rovibrational transition of the HCN molecule, to describe its emission in the observed spectra and to quantify its abundance in cometary nuclei.

In 2010, after getting her Ph.D., she moved back to Italy and served shortly as Junior Project Manager of European and Italian funding projects for small and medium enterprises at SAPI (Confindustria Padova, Italy), and then, joined SIT SpA, an Italian engineering company that produces electro-mechanical devices in domestic gas combustion appliances, where she worked as a Product Technologies Specialist. In Sit SpA, Manuela developed a model to describe the response of a flame to an electrical impulse, with applications to smart controls of home gas appliances; this work resulted in a patent.

Manuela obtained her master’s degree in Physics from the University of Pisa in Italy in February 2006, with a thesis about deconvolution techniques used to analyze high resolution images of asteroids (observed with “Telescopio Nazionale Galileo”, in Canary Islands); this work was developed under the supervision of A. Cellino (Astronomical Observatory of Torino, Italy), E. Diolaiti (Astronomical Observatory of Bologna, Italy) and P. Paolicchi (University of Pisa, Italy).

She currently has about 12 works published on International Peer Reviewed Journal.
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