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Sauleh Siddiqui Professor Environmental Science

A.B. in Mathematics and Public Policy (2007) from Franklin & Marshall College

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation (2011) from the University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

Sauleh Siddiqui is a Professor of Environmental Science with an affiliation with the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at American University and a Research Fellow at the German Economic Research Institute (DIW Berlin). He is currently on leave from American University as Chief Energy Modeler with the Energy Information Administration at the US Department of Energy. He was the inaugural PI and Director of Multiscale RECIPES for Sustainable Food Systems Research Network, a $15M cooperative agreement with NSF funding over 15 institutions, 40 faculty, 45 graduate students, and 14 staff. His primary area of research is mathematical optimization and operations research applied to environmental systems, including energy infrastructure, food systems, and human health. His algorithms for systems optimization incorporate infrastructure function, game theory and markets, and energy and environmental policies to enable optimal decision-making. He is the recipient of the Young Researcher Prize from the INFORMS Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment (ENRE) section, where he has served as the Secretary/Treasurer and past Chair of the Energy Cluster. In addition, he has served as Vice Chair for Linear and Conic Optimization for the INFORMS Optimization Society and is currently an Associate Editor for the journals Optimization & Engineering and Energy Systems.


Fall 2024

  • ENVS-160 Biodiversity and Ecosystems

  • ENVS-160 Biodiversity and Ecosystems