illustration of human brain, colored.

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Professor Alex Zestos Unraveling Mysteries of Human Brain

American University's Professor Alexander Zestos is conducting groundbreaking brain research and bringing it from the lab to the marketplace.
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Arts ·

AU Museum Winter Exhibits Open Jan. 25

Winter shows at the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center will open Jan. 25.
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The year 2019

Achievements ·

College of Arts and Sciences Top Stories of 2019

A look back at a year filled with awards, honors, and accomplishments
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Cybersecurity graph with random data

Mathematics ·

AU Professor Teams Up with BAE to Win DARPA Contract for New Cyber Tools

American University Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Michael Robinson has teamed up with BAE Systems’ FAST Labs research and development team to work on a new contract awarded by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
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Woman using lab equipment

Announcement ·

AU Receives National Science Foundation ADVANCE Grant

The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant of $300,000 to American University for an analysis of gender and racial equity among its STEM faculty.
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Inspiring Grad Stories: Diana Knott

The Boren Scholar faced challenges, studied abroad, and succeeded.
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Rafael Cestero
Daniel Abraham
Fanta Aw
Erik Ehn
Sybil Roberts

First Person ·

AU Hosts Arts, Social Healing, and Restorative Justice Colloquium

The AU community gathered for a day of dialogue to reflect on the relationship between art and social and restorative justice. It was the university’s first colloquium on Creativity and Innovation for Social Healing & Restorative Justice.
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Top Five Reasons Math is the New Trend for the Info Security and Cybersecurity Field

If you want to become a leader in today’s growing field of information security and cybersecurity, look no further than American University’s master’s degree in Mathematics of Information and Security.
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microscopic view of a devil worm

Science ·

What Can a Small Worm Teach Us About Climate Adaptation?

Genome of the Devil Worm has been sequenced.
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Woman and man seated at a table.

Research ·

The Hard Questions: Center Will Confront Pressing Issues in Higher Ed

Provost Emeritus Scott Bass and Professor Cynthia Miller-Idriss will lead a new research-based center.
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