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Alyssa Michener

A headshot of Alyssa Michener.

Alyssa Michener (they/them) is a second-year MFA candidate focused on social justice documentary, queer film theory, fashion, and emerging media. They are currently the Creative Director for a DC-based modeling agency, Genesislevel. Alyssa’s research interests lie in the intersection of fashion, social justice, and emerging technologies. Their documentary filmmaking work has been exhibited in film festivals internationally, and they have been published nationally as a creative director and stylist.

Artist’s Statement: “I see each facet of media that I engage with as a means to convey complex and intimate narratives. Collaboration and communication are an essential aspect to my work in fashion and media. My interest in psychology and social justice inform my various practices, fueling my desire to create work that promotes social consciousness and introspection. Conceptually, I am drawn to complex intersectional identities; discussing sexuality, human rights issues, unraveling the concept of ‘the other’, and battling stereotypes through the voices of engaging characters. I am drawn to the human experience; breaching the gap between subjective realities and a collective experience.”