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Dr. Mark Nelson

A headshot of Mark Nelson.

Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence


Mark Nelson is a computer scientist with a research focus on artificial intelligence. His research spans a range of topics mainly related to AI and games, including technical research on automated gameplay and analysis, design-support work using AI to empower both professional and novice designers, and conceptual work on formal models of games’ mechanical and meaning-making elements.

Beyond AI and games, and in common with many others who identify with the broad AI tradition (rather than with a narrow technical subfield), he has fairly wide academic interests, both across AI, machine learning, and computer science, and in other fields that impact the computationalization of intelligence. A few specific side interests are computer music, domain-specific programming languages, and the history of computing.

Before coming to American University, he was a faculty member, researcher, and student at various places around the world:

Falmouth University (UK), the IT University of Copenhagen (Denmark), the University of California Santa Cruz (USA), the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), and Harvey Mudd College (USA).