Institute for IDEAS

Institute for Immersive Designs, Experiences, Applications, and Stories


Institute for IDEAS is a research institute, and as such it does not offer credit or no-credit courses. However, the faculty affilated with the Instutute for IDEAS, teach for-credit corses and offer workshops related to immersive media and technology.

The course introduces students to designing, producing and critically examining immersiveexperiences for virtual, mixed and augmented reality. From photogrammetric reconstruc-tions of props, set decoration, and film sets, to volumetric capture of so-called hologramsof actors, to using game engine instead of editing suits in the post-production, to de-signing spatial audio, the course teaches the students how to tell engaging, impactfulstories in the new immersive medium. The course includes a production component (animmersive project) and a research component (a research paper).


This course introduces students to the production of content for immersive media: virtual,mixed, and augmented reality. Students discover and experiment with the principles ofimmersive cinematography, spatial sound recording, and 360 montage. Students use 360cameras, volumetric cameras, and motion capture systems and learn how to edit 360videos, use game engines, and perform and apply motion capture to 3D characters.


For details, please search for the course in the course catalogue and contact individual instructors.