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Dr. Malgorzata Luszczak

A headshot of Dr. Malgorzata Luszczak.

Małgorzata Łuszczak’s artistic work includes: illustrations, drawings, graphic design, animation, open-air activities and digital media. The artist mixes traditional media with digital print and Augmented Reality (AR). For many years, she has been researching the possibilities of perception and the impact of digital media on the creative process, the starting point being the observation of natural and cultural landscapes. The artist defines creation as a game, or more accurately - a dialogue with the environment, whereby creative work involves: analyzing, studying, learning, interpreting and constructing the reality. Małgorzata Łuszczak uses digital media to create images inspired by landscape diversity. She analyses the landscape’s stability, unpredictability and its cyclical character – stemming from its nature, as well as its changeability, caused by human activity.

Populariser of digital culture, organizer of workshops, game jams and hackathons. Director and participant of several art education projects popularizing digital media and their use in art education, nationally and internationally.

Currently, she is the coordinator of the project of the National Academic Exchange Agency (NAWA) under the name of GAME LAB – International Laboratory for Game Studies and Design,regarding cooperation scientists and artists from Poland, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, the Czech Republic and the USA.More information: