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Walking for Freedom: A Venezuelan Story

Walking for Freedom: A Venezuelan Story 

Walking for Freedom: A Venezuelan Story is an immersive 360 VR documentary created with the idea that some journeys must be experienced to be understood. The project was written and directed by MFA student Carlos Maher and filmed by MFA student Amelia Thomson, and an entirely student-led crew across many disciplines and schools. This granted students the opportuntiy to travelle to the Venezuela-Colombia boarder to carry out thier project.

The Virtual Reality format puts you the the shoes of a Venezuelan refugee, forced to flee their country on foot. You follow their journey across the Simón Bolívar International Bridge, that links Venezuela and Colombia, past the illegal passing known as “la trocha,” and to their final destinations, wherever thet may be.

With major impact, this VR experiance is being used by The Inter-American Development Bank to increase awareness of the tragic situation on the Colombia-Venezuela. The hope is that changemakers can make more informed desicions knowing ht elived experiance of refugees.

The film screened for select audiences on June 29, 2019 at the One Journey Festival in Washington, DC.