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Wildfire Prevention using Virtual Reality Training

Wildfire Prevention in VR

Due to an increase in the prevalence and intensity of wildfires worldwide, it is becoming more important to understand campfire safety in order to prevent human-caused wildfires. 

In the United States, the most common fire safety advice comes in the form of commercials and posters as a part of the Smokey the Bear campaign. Presenting this information through a virtual reality game provides a controlled and engaging environment to practice and learn how to safely control a campfire. This immersive experience guides the user through every step of creating and extinguishing a campfire based on information from the Smokey the Bear campaign. VR Wildfire Prevention aims to engage and educate people in campfire safety by providing a controlled environment to practice the relevant techniques while incentivizing proper behavior through gamification. Players of the game report that the game is an enjoyable experience.


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