Institute for IDEAS

Institute for Immersive Designs, Experiences, Applications, and Stories

Two holograms of people float above a table in front of an old radio

Space Ocean Library

How do our lives affect those around us, even after we die? AU students working with the Institute for IDEAS explore this idea in Space Ocean Library.

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A movie poster of a figure walking toward the horizon with title 'Walking for Freedom'.

Walking for Freedom

An immersive documentary on the Venezuelan refugee crisis shot on location by MFA students.

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A digitally rendered image of a hand reaching towards a fruit bowl in a dining room setting.


An adaptation of Katherine Mansfield's short story told across immersive and non-immersive media.

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An AR demonstration of the virtual museum exhibition software.

Holographic Exhibitions

AHMED is a tool for designing holographic museum exhibitions that respond to touch.

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A virtual reality still life of a table with a white tea cup on it

The Meeting

An immersive theatrical experience, "The Meeting" brings Katherine Mansfield's 1917 short story "A Dill Pickle" into the future of virtual reality content.

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A demonstration of the TickTockRay.


Can we use and off-the-shelf smartwatches to interact in mobile virtual reality?

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A closeup image of a robot.

Robots with Humor

Printing Robots with Humor may allow us to cross the uncanny valley of robot-human relations.

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A visual demonstration of UniVResity, a VR demonstration of being in the classroom.


In times of COVID, classroom participation through VR becomes a great alternative to death-by-zoom.

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A visual demonstration of Ractive, a VR theatre experience.

AI Actors in VR

Can artificial intelligence learn how to perform Hamlet's famous soliloquy? To a degree...

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Girl in VR headset

Spherical Harmonics

Exploring Spherical Harmonics for Perception Pesearch in the Context of 3D Optical Illusions.

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A visualization of a gravitational field.

Gravitational Waves

Immersive experience visualizing gravitational waves passing through the solar system.

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Speech-Driven Gestures

Using Deep Learning to Generate Plausible Non-verbal Communication from Speech.

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A demonstration of the Mass Perception experiment using VR.

Mass Perception of Virtual Objects

We are exploring the integration of visual information and haptic feedback in an immersive VR environment. 

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A demonstration of translucent material perception findings.

Translucent Object Perception

Understanding 3D shape, lighting, and material properties in perception of translucent objects.

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A VR demonstration of TheNuclearBuscuit.

The Nuclear Biscuit

What would you do in a nuclear crisis? This VR experiment seeks to find out.

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A young person sitting at a computer demonstrating the Scalebridge game.

Scalebridge VR

Teaching children proportional reasoning using their brainwaves to adapt difficulty level.

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