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Mixed Reality Communication

Watch an Volumetric Specialist, Becky Lake, play through Space Ocean Library, an experimental and immersive virtual reality project supported by AU's Institute for IDEAS.

An interactive and immersive VR experience, Space Ocean Library transports users into a mysterious and mystical study to explore the impact of a single person's life on those around them. As users examine meaningful objects around the game-space, they discover holograms representing important moments of connection while they are also haunted by unknown voices arguing about the main character's life and death, and what it all means.

Inspired by Wenqing Yan's artwork "Boundless", Space Ocean Library is the product of the collaboration of nine American University students and made possible by the technological resources of the Institute for IDEAS. Using the Institute's Tetavi volumetric capture system to record the holograms, the Space Ocean Library team developed the experience using Unity game engine, Blender 3D modeling software, and Metashape photogrammetric modeling software.

Space Ocean Library was featured at the University Film & Video Association Conference. Learn more here.


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