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Tabletop Stories

Three interactive augmented reality children stories on three immersive displays: “Candle and the Lamp” on the Sony Spatial Reality Display, “Plato, a Pebble” on a tablet, and “Greeny, the Brave Oak Leaf” on Microsoft Hololens.

We describe three interactive augmented reality stories for children audiences that we showed at Cannes Film Festival “Marche du Film” in July 2021. The stories were developed using a novel technique: 3D modeling and animation from within the Virtual Reality. The audience at Cannes viewed and interacted with these stories using mixed reality glasses, a prototype of the Sony Spatial Display, and an AR-enabled tablet. We report on the technical development process and the feedback from the Cannes audience.

Our interactive volumetric stories were presented “in the wild” to gather film audiences and experts feedback. In the future, we plan to conduct a study in which we measure the audience engagement relation to the degree of interactivity and types of interactions. We also plan to include virtual reality comparison – our current efforts were focused on AR only.

We also believe that there is an increased need to establish design principles and guidance for volumetric storytelling, since this new medium does not conform to the traditional filmmaking language and grammar. In particular, we are interested in investigating the approach of hybrid cinematography that, as far as we know, is novel and provides interesting storytelling exploration opportunities.