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Campus Plan

A 10-Year Roadmap

American University’s 2021 Campus Plan will support our strategic priorities and further our educational and research missions through a thoughtful and measured approach to campus growth that reflects our commitment to the communities of which we are a part.

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American University is pleased to share the 2021 Campus Plan Final Order which was issued by the DC Zoning Commission on April 8, 2022.  For over two years, AU worked collaboratively with neighborhood residents and community stakeholder groups, including the AU Neighborhood Partnership and the Community Liaison Committee, to address major Campus Plan components including student enrollment, campus development, on-campus life, off-campus neighborhood quality-of-life issues, and parking and transportation. As a result of this dedicated and focused effort, the AU Neighborhood Partnership affirmed its consensus support for this 2021 Campus Plan, and both ANC3D and ANC3E voted to endorse the Plan and support its approval. On July 8, 2021, the DC Zoning Commission unanimously voted to approve the Plan for a 10-year term. 

The 2021 Campus Plan outlines new high quality, leading-edge academic facilities to further the university’s academic and research missions and additional student housing to encourage students to remain on campus during their time at AU. Upcoming projects under the Plan include the proposed Alan and Amy Meltzer Center for Athletic Performance (Meltzer Center) and the Sports Center Annex (SCAN), which will primarily house Well-Being Commons.

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Please direct any questions or feedback about the Meltzer Center and Sports Center Annex (SCAN) projects to our Community Relations team via the Community Input Portal.

Community Input Portal

Feedback and Responses

2021 Campus Plan Overview

2021 Campus Plan goals and objectives. 

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2021 Campus Plan

In a unanimous decision, the DC Zoning Commission voted to approve the Plan on July 8, 2021.

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Meltzer Center and the Sports Center Annex

Upcoming projects sites 3 and 5 in AU’s approved 2021 Campus Plan.

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Jacob’s Field & Reeve’s Scoreboard

September 19, 2022 , American University filed a Further Processing Application with the DC Zoning Commission.

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2021 Campus Plan Drafts and Framework

Draft versions of the 2021 Campus Plan documents.

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