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Student Address Update

Students can update their address by clicking on the “Change Address (Current Students)” link under the Academics tab of the student portal.

Currently enrolled students are required to have an in-session/local and permanent/home address on file. While most communications are sent through university email accounts, some important documents are mailed through the United States Postal Service.

Students who do not maintain updated addresses are in violation of the Student Conduct Code. A registration hold may be placed on the student’s account which will prevent the student from registering for classes, if there is no current in-session AND a current home address.

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Please complete the form twice and enter the same address for your current in-session and your current home address.
Please provide your foreign address as your in-session/current address.
Update your address, but also complete the appropriate state tax withholding forms and return them to Human Resources. Failure to do so will result in incorrect state tax withholding.
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