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Appeal - Financial Aid

The U.S. Department of Education allows financial aid offices limited discretion in making professional judgments based on extenuating circumstances that impact a family’s financial circumstances. Families experiencing a significant loss of income due to the loss of employment may appeal for a re-evaluation of their financial aid eligibility.

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All appeals are considered based on the strength of the appeal, and the availability of funds

Appeals can be submitted at any time, as long as it is after you have been awarded aid, and prior to the end of the academic year you are enrolled in? Appeals are always based on the strength of the appeal, and most importantly, the availability of funds

If your appeal is denied, you will be provided information on other resources, such as loans and payment plans

The Financial Aid office will review your appeal in about 10 business days. At that point, you may be contacted to with additional questions or a request for additional information. The review time for appeals may be slightly longer during peak times (July and August)

Yes.  You may meet with a counselor by visiting AU Central in Asbury 201 or by calling 202-885-8000. No appointment is necessary

Decisions of the appeals committee are final.  You may, however, submit another appeal if the information is available that was not considered in the initial appeal

Appeals can be considered for significant changes in income, medical expenses not covered by insurance, change in household size, and expenses related to natural disaster

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