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Cost of Attendance Appeal

The Financial Aid office may exercise professional judgment to increase the Cost of Attendance (COA) to account for extraordinary expenses a student might acquire while attending school. The Cost of Attendance includes living and school related expenses that are necessary for the student to reasonably complete their studies. Financial aid will not be increased to cover a student’s choice to take on unreasonable or unnecessary expenses.
To explore the possibility of a cost of attendance appeal, students should contact AU Central to speak with a student services counselor first.

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No. An approved appeal will mean that the student's estimated cost of attendance has been increased, allowing more room in the budget to apply for loan money to help cover the additional expenses.

There is no deadline for submitting an appeal, rather than it should be after you have received your award and well before the end of the school year. Appeals are considered based on their strength, and most importantly, the availability of funds

If additional funds are not available, or your circumstances cannot be taken into consideration due to Federal regulations, you will be provided additional information on other resources, such as loan options or payment plans

Yes. Counselors are available at AU Central in Asbury 201, or by phone at 202-885-8000 to discuss your appeal

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