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Take the Math Placement Test

On May 17 you will receive information sent to your AU email account about the Math Placement Test. All incoming students must take the Math Placement Test prior to course registration. This test will help determine which of your required Quantitative Literacy courses you will take in your first year.
If you need disability accommodations, such as extended time, please submit the Math Placement Test Accommodations Request Form and follow the instructions provided.

No. All American University students will take at least one Quantitative Literacy in residence (at AU). Whether you will take one or two required courses will depend on some factors such as AP/IB or other exam credit and/or Transfer credit. You will be working closely with your Academic Advisor on this an all of your degree requirements. 

The test is simply to place you in an appropriate class when you do take one.

The test is 32 multiple choice questions and you are allowed up to 45 minutes. You are allowed to use any calculator during the test. You must be the person who is taking the test. Once the test has started, you must finish it. You cannot stop and come back to it later. Do not sign in unless you are ready to take and complete the test.

Any calculator which works with numbers or graphs is acceptable to use during the test. This includes four function calculators, scientific calculators, and graphing calculators, such as the TI-83. Calculators and computer programs which do symbolic manipulation (algebra) are not allowed.

Yes. We have a list of topics that are covered and some questions that can be asked. We don't provide answers for the same questions. Click on the link above to download the sample exam.

Yes. All AU students will complete at least one required Quantitative Literacy course taken in residence (at AU). This placement test helps to determine which course you will take in your first year. 

No. This test was designed to be taken on a laptop or desktop computer; it will not work on a phone or tablet. 

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