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Complete the Course Registration Tutorial

The course registration process begins with a Course Registration Tutorial that you will complete with the assistance of your academic advisor. Information about registration will be sent your AU email May 17.

You must take a minimum of 12 credits to be considered a full-time student. Full-time tuition covers 12-17.5 credits, or four to five classes, per semester.

Full-time status is required to maintain eligibility for financial aid, many scholarships, on-campus housing, and insurance. However, please review your individual offers and awards carefully, as some may require more than 12 credits each semester.

Try to spread out your class selections throughout the day and week (for example, you probably don't want to pick all Monday & Thursday courses). It's also best to avoid, if you can, scheduling more than two classes back-to-back. We also recommend you seek variety in your schedule in terms of lectures, seminars, and labs, as well as in courses that are heavy in reading or writing.

Ten minutes should be more than enough time to get between classes anywhere on campus.

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