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Granting Access to Parent Portal

AU students may grant their parents, guardians, or others the ability to access their academic and administrative information through a special "account" on the portal. A separate user name can be created for each individual with the level of access specified for what he or she is authorized to see or do. To protect student privacy, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act requires us to obtain the student's permission before sharing their educational records.

Follow the instructions below to grant Parent Proxy access (to whomever you wish):

  1. Sign in to the myAU portal.
  2. Click EAGLE SERVICE under the Personalized Links.
  3. Click on the STUDENT NAME ICON.
  5. Select PERSON from the drop-down box and add a proxy.If the person you want is not listed, click on ADD ANOTHER USER and complete their information to add them to your proxy list.
  6. Select the PERMISSION for the proxy user. You can select to authorize your proxy to make a payment, view account summary, and/or view account activity. 
  7. Click SAVE, and then click the SUBMIT button.

You can add multiple accounts for multiple different proxies.

As a student, you may choose to grant access to your parents, employers, or others to any one of the following services:

  • Make a Payment to view bill details and pay the bill.
  • Class schedule information on the billing breakdown.

Yes, the accounts are assigned per individual, so that you may select the specific access rights that are appropriate for each individual.

The student maintains control of the parent accounts at all times. They may add, change, or revoke access at any time.

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