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Welcome to Treasury Operations at American University

The Treasury Operations department within the Office of Finance and Treasurer provides cash management services to the university community by overseeing the university's liquidity and initiating electronic payments for university obligations. The department assists with debt management, and the administration of credit card acceptance for goods and services, including assigning merchant ID numbers. Treasury Operations also administers the university's endowment and works with brokers to manage donor stock gifts. The department serves as a liaison between banks, financial institutions, credit card processors, and the university.

Dollar bills

Departmental Deposits

All departmental deposits must be made at the Capital One branch on campus.

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Word cloud showing words such as Electronic Funds Transfer, EFT, Account, etc.

Electronic Funds Transfer

The Treasury Operations Department executes all of the university's outgoing wire transfers.

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Credit card with the word "Debit," visible, held in someone's hand

Credit Card Acceptance

Cardholder Data Security Policy, PCI Compliance, and Campus Merchant ID.

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Investment Management

Treasury Operations administers the university's endowment and working capital portfolios.

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Calendar page with numbered days

University and Bank Holidays

Review the calendar to see which days the university is open to process transfers and other operations

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Procurements and Contracts

Procurements and Contracts oversees purchasing of goods and services at the university

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