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Biographical Note

Albert D. Mott was born on November 9, 1920, in Glens Falls, New York to DeWitt C. and Anna Prece Mott. He received his BA and MA from the University of Missouri and his doctorate in History from the University of California at Berkeley. Mott served in the U.S. Army during World War II. He joined the faculty of American University in 1958. His initial appointment was as a professor of European history in the Department of History. He was a founding faculty member of the School of International Service. Mott’s two-semester course, "The Western Tradition," was a requirement for the SIS major from the School's opening in 1958.

Al Mott married his second wife, Siv Sjodin-Mott in 1954. He died in June 2008.

Scope and Content Note

The Albert D. Mott Papers (1883-2008, bulk 1943-2000) consist of audiovisual materials (slides, audio/video tapes and films); correspondence (personal and professional); manuscripts of unpublished writings; personal journals; photographs; research files (articles, book reviews, and notes); and teaching materials (syllabi and lecture notes). The focus of the collection is European intellectual history with an emphasis on art, "isms" and Germany. Some of the articles are in German.


The Mott Papers were donated by his widow, Siv Sjodin-Mott, in January 2011. Additional materials were donated by his nephew, Gil Mott, in June 2012.

Processing Note

The archivist organized the collection into four series. Folder contents were transferred to archival folders and the original folder titles were retained whenever possible. The archivist arranged folder contents in chronological order and placed undated folder materials at the end of each file. Student papers, attendance lists, and other materials containing grades were removed and shredded in accordance with American University’s policy on the confidentiality of student records. Rusty metal fasteners were removed. Brackets indicate folder titles and dates assigned by the archivist.

Series Descriptions & Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Personal (1934-2008)
4 linear feet

This series consists of personal and professional correspondence, journals, memorabilia, and writings including promotional materials and newspaper articles Mott collected while he was in Japan and Korea in the 1950s. This series includes extensive correspondence between Mott and his wife, Siv, while he was overseas. This series is organized alphabetically by format and/or subject.

Box 1
1956- 1965
2008 (sent to his widow)
Letters to and from Siv  RESTRICTED UNTIL 2025
 1954-1997, n.d.
Correspondence with Abney Family, 1946, 1952-1953, n.d.
Correspondence with Hal Burns Esq.
1934, 1960-1966
Correspondence with Michael Kater, 1967-1996, n.d.
Correspondence - Ann McLaughlin, 1975-1977
Correspondence – Education, Employment & Fellowships 1946-1961 (2 folders)
Early Writings, 1940-1949, n.d.
Faculty/Staff Biography (Mott), ca. 1972
Japan and Korea, 1953-1956, n.d.
Marriage Certificate, 1947
Notes, 1957, n.d.
SIS Department Publications, 1969-2000
Stephens College, 1941, n.d.
Personal Journals & Notebooks

Box 2
Personal Journals & Notebooks (continued)
 1953 (2)
 January-June 1954
 The Sacred Mountain: A Sentimental Traveler in Japan, 1956
 March-June 1961
 July 1961
 Tagebugh 1- August 1965- September 1966
 Tagebugh 2- October 1965- April 1966
 [French, German Language Practice 1966]
 January- Feb 1966
 Tagebugh 3- April- May 1966
 Tagebugh 4- July- August 1966
 Idioten Buch- 1967-1968
 Nofizen, 1973, 1977
 Expense Diary 1977
 October 2-18, 1979
 October 12, 1979
 Europe October 1979
 1982 Engagement Calendar
 1985 [August 1983]

Box 3
Personal Journals & Notebooks (continued)
 May-June 1986
 Europe Notebook- June 1986
 The Myopic Eye- 1987-1988
 The Myopic Eye: 2- 1988 [December 1988- March 1990]
 May 1990
 Notebook: Europe- June 1991
 Notebook: Europe- August 1991
 Europe Notebook- June- July 1992
 The Myopic Eye Notebook- May- June 1994
 Down Memory Lane July 1994- March 1995
 Europe 1996
 On the Edge of the Millennium Ventings: A Pissed Off Diary- Aug. 1998- Nov. 1999
 December 1999- June 2000
 August- September 1999
 August 2000- September 2001
 October 2001- April 2003
 June 2002- June 2003
 September 2003- 2004
 Undated (2)

Series 2: Teaching (1961-1996)
2 linear feet

This series consists of syllabi, exams, lecture and research notes, and newspaper clippings. Courses documented in this series deal with European thought, philosophy, psychology, and history of the post-Enlightenment modern era including Protestant and Catholic traditions. More specifically, the courses examined the evolution of the great European “isms” of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries such as Anti-Semitism, communism, existentialism, fascism, liberalism, Marxism, materialism, Nazism, romanticism, and socialism. Thinkers and writers covered include Darwin, Dostoevsky, Fichte, Freud, Gobineau, Herder, Kierkegaard, LeBon, Mann, Marx, Nietzsche, Sorel, Spengler etc., all of whom feature prominently in Mott’s research files as well. This series is organized chronologically and/or alphabetically by course title.

Box 3 (continued)
American University, 1961-1977
 Honors Program, 1985-1994
 Star Awards & Other Research Proposals, 1959-1963
European Area Seminar [Fall 1961-Fall 1963]
Backgrounds of Civilization II [Spring 1962; n.d.]
History of Europe I [Spring 1962; n.d.]
Western Tradition I & II [Fall 1962-Fall 1992]

Box 4
Western Tradition I & II [Fall 1964-Fall 1992] (2 folders)
AU-BCIU: US in the tides of change [ca. 1963-1976]
 [BCIU-Interviews, Notes] [Fall 1965]
Intellectual History of Europe II [Summer 1965-Spring 1969]
Intellectual History of Europe III [Spring 1970-Spring 1977]
Area Seminar, Action-Image of Society [ca. 1969-1970]
Honors Seminar: Technological Man [Spring 1970]
Decline and Fall [1973-1991]
America in the World [1973-1975]
Selected Topics: Germany Between the Wars [Spring 1975]
European Thought, Politics and Society: European Intellectual History
[Spring 1977-Spring 1978]
European Thought and Ideology: Marx to Max Weber [Fall 1978-Fall 1983]
European Thought and Ideology: Freud to Sartre [Spring 1979-Spring 1987]
Honors Seminar in Social Sciences: Nietzsche and National Socialism [Fall 1982]
Ideology, Totalitarianism and Post-Industrial Society [Spring 1983]
20th Century Political Ideas and Movements [Spring 1984-]
Culture and Society: Freud to Sartre [Spring 1986]
Culture and Society: Marx to Weber [Fall 1990]
Senior Seminar in International Relations: Capitalism and the World System [Fall 1993]
Senior Seminar in International Relations: The End of History [Fall 1994]
Senior Seminar in International Relations: The End of History [Fall 1994-1996]
Decline of Civilizations [ca. 1997-1998]
[Lecture Notes/Class Materials] [n.d.]

Series 3: Research Projects (1883-2007, bulk 1951-1988)
29 linear feet

This series contains Mott’s research files. It is broken into the following sub-series: Rome, Christianity, Medieval; Renaissance/Reformation/Science; The English Spirituals; 19th-Century Political Ideas and Movements; and 20th-Century Political Ideas and Movements

Rome, Christianity, Medieval
This sub-series contains materials related to ancient through medieval history. Specific topics include ancient and medieval religion (the origin and spread of Christianity in Europe, Judaism, Mithraism, the Crusades, Anti-Semitism), politics and societies of those periods (ancient Roman and Greek society and art, byzantine, medieval and feudal society, the rise of the Holy Roman Empire). There are also materials dealing with ancient philosophers such as Socrates and Plato. Formats include book reviews, essays, newspaper and magazine articles, research notes, and timelines. This material is organized alphabetically by subject.

Box 5
Birth of the West: 500-1000 [n.d.]
Christianity [ca. 1955-1987] (2 folders)
Demos and Decline[1961-1988;n.d.]
Early Medieval Europe 800-1200 [1966-1974; n.d.] (2 folders)
Greece[1959-2000;n.d.],br /> Late Medieval Europe: 1200-1450 [1959; n.d.]
Mystery, Cults [1975-1976; n.d.]
[Plato and Demos] [1982-1986; n.d.]
Post-Traditional Society[1962-1975;n.d.]
Vico [Giambattista] [1963-1969; n.d.] (2 folders)
Rome [1958-1976; n.d.] (2 folders)

This sub-series contains articles and notes on early modern history, with a particular focus on renaissance, reformation, and early enlightenment art, culture, politics, religion, and science. Thinkers represented include Bacon, Calvin, Diderot, Erasmus, Luther, Machiavelli, and Newton. Much of the material is undated. The material is organized alphabetically by subject.

Box 5 (continued)
The Age of Louis XIV [n.d.]
Ball, Hugo: Kritik, 1919
Calvinism: Science + Technology [n.d.]
Church and State in England [n.d.]
The Cultural Bases, 1961
Erasmus & Luther [n.d.]

Box 6
The French Enlightenment [n.d.]
Radical Reformation: Calvin, Münzer & John of Leyden [n.d.]
The Renaissance [n.d.]
Renaissance Art [ca. 1952-1980; n.d.]
Renaissance, More, Machiavelli [n.d.]
Scientific Revolution: Copernicus to Galileo [n.d.]
Science, Philosophy, Revolution [n.d.]

The English Spirituals
This sub-series consists of exclusively early modern English materials that pertain to the spiritual and intellectual movements during the English revolutions of the mid-1600s including radical religious leaders, sects, and movements such as antinomianism, Calvinism, Puritanism, rationalism, and Ranterism which was the subject of Mott’s dissertation. Formats include bibliographic cards, notes and manuscripts. Of note are two different copies of Mott’s PhD dissertation titled The Phenomenon of Ranterism in the Commonwealth Sects: A Historical Study in “Familist”, Antinomian and Pantheistic Influence on the Definition of the Inward Light, 1640-1660. The bulk of the materials are undated. The material is organized alphabetically by subject.

Box 6 (continued)
1649 [Precis of Dissertation] [n.d]
Antinomianism [n.d.]
Anti-Trinitarianism [n.d.]
Bauthumley, Jacob [n.d.]
[Bibliographic Cards, Spiritualism] [1960-1962; n.d.]
Boehme, Jacob [n.d.]
[Calvin and the Libertines] [n.d.]
[Chapter IV: Pseudo-Christus]
Joachim of Fiore: The Age of the Spirit [n.d.]
Erbury, William [n.d.]
Everard, Dr. John [n.d.]
Familism: 1630-1650 [n.d.]
The Family of Love [n.d.]
Fox, George and James Nayler [n.d.]
Map of London: XVIIC [n.d.]
Microfilm [n.d.]

Box 7
[Mott, Albert, Dissertation] [ca. 1956] (2 folders)
[Muggleton, Lodowick] [n.d]
Overton, Richard & “Man’s Mortality” [n.d.]
The Puritan Revolution [n.d.]
[Quakers] [ca. 1951-1955]
Ranterism [n.d.] (2 folders)
Salmon, Joseph: Christ in the “History” and the “Mystery” [n.d.]
The “Sceptic” = “Seeker” [n.d.]
The Spirituals and “Deism” [n.d.]
Spirituals/Rationalism/Science [n.d.]
Thesis [1952-1955]
Webbe, Thomas [n.d.]

19th-Century Political Ideas and Movements
This sub-series covers nineteenth century intellectual history, as well as scientific and social history such as the European Revolutions of 1848. The focus is the emergence of the great European “isms” of the modern era such as Darwinism, existentialism, Marxism, romanticism, and socialism. Thinkers represented include Marx, Nietzsche and Weber as well as Lafcadio Hearn, a nineteenth-century writer mostly known for his writings on Japan and New Orleans. The sub-series are organized alphabetically by subject.

Box 7 (continued)
19th/20th Century Background [n.d.]
Adams, Henry [1959; n.d.]
The Aesthetes: Agnostics, Alienation, Neo-Hegelians [1963; n.d.]
The Age of the Tourists [1969; n.d.]
Antinomianism [n.d.]
[Antisemitism] [n.d.]
Art [1977-2000, n.d.]
[Chamberlain, Gobineau, Carlyle] [1967; n.d.]
The Crystal Palace [1964; n.d]
[Darwin] [1951-1987]
Davidson, John: Triumph of Mammon [1907]
The Debacle of 1848 [1981-92; n.d.]

Box 8
Discovery of Change [n.d.]
Disillusion, [1964-1979; n.d.]
Empiricism: Roger Simonds [1952; n.d.]
Female Gothic [1979; n.d.]
Feuerbach, Marx [n.d.]
[Fin de Siecle] [1971-2000, n.d.] (3 folders)
 Lessing, Theodor: Einmal und nie wieder [1969]
 Lessing, Theodor: Untergang der Erde am Geist [1915]
 Reventlow, Franciska: Herrn Dame’s Aufzeichnungen [1913]
Hearn: Aftermath [1956]
Hearn: Alienation [n.d.]
Hearn: Bibliography [1958; n.d.]
Hearn: The Honorable Picnic [n.d.]
Hearn: Introduction [1958-1959; n.d.]
Hearn: Last Years: War and Imperialism [n.d.]
Hearn: Religion [n.d.]
Hearn: The Sacred Mountain [1960; n.d.]
Hegel [1985; n.d.]
The Hegelians [n.d.]
Hegel, Marx [1981; n.d.]
[Herzen, Alexander] [1968, n.d.]
Intellectual Periodicals [1983; n.d.]
Intellectual Types [n.d.]
Judaism [1974-1984]
Kant: The Problem of Historical Reality [1974-1980; n.d.]
Kierkegaard/Newman [n.d.]
Kunzli on Marx etc. [n.d.]
Le Bon, Mosca, Pareto [1896-1964; n.d.]
Lessing, Theodor: Nietzsche [1925]
[Marx] [1961-1976; n.d.]
[Marxism] [1978-1980; n.d.] (2 folders)
 Lefebvre, Henri: La Fin [1970]
 Weißengrün, Paul: Das Ende des Marxismus [1899]

Box 9
[Materialism] [1977-1982; n.d.]
The Metaphysical Rebellion: 1750-1848 [1960; n.d.]
Mill-Carlyle [1961; n.d.]
Mott: Marx to Weber [1963-1988] (2 folders)
Mumford, Paleotechnic, Neotechnic [1967-1980; n.d.]
Nietzsche [1907; n.d.]
Nietzsche, Nihilism, Circle of Wagner [1958-1963; n.d.]
Nietzsche: Traditional Man [1974; n.d.]
Nietzscheans and Anti-Nietzscheans [1977; n.d.]
 Fischer, Hugo: Nietzsche Apostata [1931]
 Fille, Alexander: Von Darwin bis Nietzsche [1895]
 Krummel, Richard Frank: Nietzsche und der deutsche Geist [1983]
 Lefebvre, Henri: L’Existentialisme [1946]
 Maulnier, Thierry: Nietzsche [1925]
 Pensa: Das deutsche Denken [1947]
 Simmel, Georg: Schopenhauer und Nietzsche [1920]
 Tönnies, Ferdinand: Der Nietzsche Kultus [1997]
The Nihilist Rebellion [n.d.]
Philosophy-Feuerbach, Kierkegaard, Sterner [1963; n.d.]
Rehabilitation: Marx [n.d.]
Romanticism [1959-1979; n.d.] (1 of 2)

Box 10
Romanticism [1959-1979; n.d.] (2 of 2)
Religious Crisis [n.d.]
Science of Society [1951; n.d.]
Scientism and Progress: 1850-1890 [1962-1979; n.d.]
The Social Rebellion: 1848-1917 [1951-1965; n.d.]
Sorel, Georges [1970; n.d.]
Stirner, Max [1967-1974; n.d.]
Stirner, Dostoevsky [1958-1964; n.d.] (2 folders)
[Stirner, Feuerbach, Marx, Ruge] [n.d.]
Stirner-Kierkegaard [1969-1971; n.d.]
Transitional Types [1959-1989, n.d.] (2 folders)
Variations: Fabians, Action Francais, Sorel [1977-1988; n.d.]
[Victorians] [1978-1989; n.d.]
Von Stein, Lorenz [n.d.]
Weber, Max [1925-1974; n.d.]
Weber, Max: The Cage [n.d.]
Weber, Maurras, Sorel: Sociology of Change [n.d.]
Weber+Modernism [1988-1997; n.d.]
The Young Hegelians [n.d.]

20th-Century Political Ideas and Movements
This sub-series consists of photocopies of books, newspaper, journal, and magazine articles, as well as manuscripts and research notes on French, German and Italian philosophies and political movements, with an emphasis on fascism. German ideologies, philosophies, and thinkers feature prominently including copies of contemporaneous publications by fascist and Nazi writers such as Alfred Baeumler, Ernst Berg, Georges Bernanos, Robert Brasillach, Drieu La Rochelle, Alfred Rosenberg and Arno Schickedanz. Of note are materials on the end of the USSR and the transformation of post-WWII Europe. Mott’s book manuscripts are particularly wide-ranging in subject and period; while they emphasize European history in the first half of the twentieth century, they also cover aspects of late nineteenth- and twentieth-century Western history. This sub-series is organized alphabetically by subject.

Box 10 (continued)
1930-present [1952-1964; n.d.]
Absurd [1976-1982; n.d.]
Action Francaise [1962; n.d.]

Box 11
Adorno, Theodor: Cultural Theory [1977; n.d.]
 Gehlen, Arnold: Soziologie [1963]
Afro-Asia [1954-1962]
[The Age of Millennial Politics] [1990; n.d.]
All Fluxed Up: America in the tides of change [1968-1986; n.d.]
America as a Civilization/As Others See Us [1950-2005, n.d.] (5 folders)
Angst vor Sodom [1971-1974; n.d.]
Anti-Semitism [1968-2001; n.d.]
Anti-Utopia [n.d.]
Apollo/Dionysos [1930-1957]
Architecture and Art [1963-2006; n.d.] (2 folders)
[Art-Architecture, Sculpture] [1963-1979]
[Art-Literature, Poetry] [1964-1994, n.d.] (2 folders)

Box 12
[Art-Painting] [1961-1992; n.d.]
[Art-Performing Art] [1962-1992; n.d.]
Art: 1890-1920 [1964]
Art-Society: Neo-Realism Germany [1970]
Atom Bomb [1981-2003; n.d.]
Becker, Howard: “Process of Secularization” [1932]
Bergson/Durkheim [n.d.]
[Berlin, Isaiah] [1989-1998; n.d.]
Bibliography File [1965; n.d.]
Bohemian Republic [1976-1986; n.d.]
[Breit, Herbert: “Religionskritik als Theologie Herausforderung”] [1972; n.d.]
[Bush Administration] [2001-2006; n.d.]
Celine, Eliot, Gottfried Benn (1940s) [1965-1966; n.d.]
China [1958-1961]
Christianity and Fascism [1973-2001; n.d.]
Comparative Analysis: Toynbee and Others [n.d.]
[Critical Theory: Articles] [1964-1995]
Critical Theory: Notes [1979-2000; n.d.]
[Cults] [1993-1997]
Cultural Trends since 1945 [ca. 1962-1964]
Dada + 1919 [1979-1982; n.d.]
Decomposition of Marxism/Leninism [1968-1991, n.d.] (2 folders)
[Deesz, Gisela: Die Entwicklung des Nietzsche-Bildes in Deutschland] [1933; n.d.]
Degenerate Art [1937-1938, n.d.]
Dionysos [1969-1981; n.d.]
Dual State, Dual Society, De-Christianization [1996; n.d.]
Eastern Europe [1984-2006]
Eliot, T.S. [1965; n.d.]
Ending an Epoch [1975-1978; n.d.]
End of History (1 of 2) [1988-1995; n.d.] (2 folders)
Endism [ca. 1987-1989]

Box 13
[English intellectuals, radicals] [1977-1987; n.d.]
[Existentialism] [1963-1986; n.d.]
[Expressionism] [1964-1967; n.d.]
Fascism [1966-1990; n.d.]
 Andreu Pierre: Drieu, Temoin et Visionnaire [1952]
 Bernanos, Georges: Les Grands Cimetieres Sous La Lune [1938]
 Brasillach, Robert: Notre Avant-Guerre [1941]
 La Rochelle, Drieu: Avec Doriot [1937]
 La Rochelle, Drieu: Chronique Politique 1934-1942 [1943]
 Maulnier, Thierry: Au dela du nationalisme [1938]
 Nolte, Ernst: Faschismus in Italien [1976]
Fascism: Futurist Politics [n.d.]
Fascism: NSDAP [1971-1985]
[Federn, Paul: Zur Psychologie der Revolution: die Vaterlose Gesellschaft] [1919; n.d.]
[Feminism] [1975-1995; n.d.]
[Foucault] [1974-1994; n.d.]
Freud, Death Instinct [1959-1967; n.d.]
Freud and Jung, 1920s [1961-1974; n.d.]
Freud and Jung: Apollo vs. Dionysos [1975-1988]
 Vergin, Fedor: Das unbewusste Europa [1931]
From Spengler to Hitler [n.d.]
[Futurism] [1986; n.d.]
George W. Bush and the Middle East [2001-2007; n.d.]
[Gerlich, Fritz: Der Kommunismus] [1920; n.d.]

Box 14
[German History in Interdisciplinary Perspective (Symposium)] [1989]
Germany [1948-1997, n.d.] (3 folders)
Germany – Research Notes, n.d.
Global Warming [1999-2006; n.d.]
Gnosis [1906-1985; n.d.]
[The Great Divide] [ca. 2003] (2 folders)
[Habermas] [1971-1991; n.d.]
Habermas/Theory/Stichworte [1984]
[Heidegger] [1954-1992; n.d.]
Heidegger, Nietzsche, Gnosis [1976-2002; n.d.]
Historiography [1975-1997; n.d.]
Hitler: 1919-1929: From “Sect” to “Mass” Movement [1957-1993; n.d.]
Hitler and Gnosis [1979-2000; n.d.]
Hitler and Modernism [1975; n.d.]
Hitler/Shaman [1977-1989; n.d.]
Hitler Syndrome [1999; n.d.]
Hutto, Kurt: Kulturbolschewismus [n.d.]
Islam [1959-2001]
[Israel/Palestine] [1998-2006; n.d.]
Italian Fascism, Nazism [1962-2005; n.d.] (2 folders)
[Jihad] [1998-2007; n.d.]
Jünger, Ernst [1977; n.d.]

Box 15
[Kater, Michael: Articles] [1980-1987]
[Kelly, Petra] [1985-1993; n.d.] (2 folders)
Kennedy: Policy [1960-1961]
Kolnai, Aurel: Counter-Revolution [1932]
Kondratiev [1943-1983, n.d.]
[Kritik der Politischen Theologie] [1973; n.d.]
Kultur/Katastrophe [1975-1979; n.d.]
Lenin/Bogdanov [1968; n.d.]
Lewis [n.d.]
[Literature] [1968-2002; n.d.]
Löwenthal [1934]
[Löwith, Karl: Mein Leben in Deutschland vor und nach 1933] [1986; n.d.]
Mahagonny [1966; n.d.]
Mann: Magic Mountain [1962-1963; n.d.]
[Marcuse, Herbert] [1969-1982; n.d.]
[Marxism] [1967-1997; n.d.]
[Maurer, Reinhart Klemens, Hegel und der Ende der Geschichte] [1965; n.d.]
May 1968 Protests, France [1968]
[Medicine in 19th and 20th Century Germany] [1993]
Merezhkovski [1953]
The Middle East [1960-2007] (2 folders)
The Mind of 1951 [1951]
Modernis and Modernity [1970-1990; n.d.] (2 folders)
Modernism: Articles [1967-1988; n.d]
Muir, Edwin: We Moderns [1920]
Moeller van den Bruck/ Alfred Rosenberg/ Ernst von Salomon/ Ernst Jünger [n.d.]
Moeller van den Bruck, Arthur: Die Deutschen Unsere Menschengeschichte] [1910; n.d.]

Box 16
Mott, Albert
 [Bourgeois Neurasthenia/Masks of Dionysus (Notes and Fragments)] [1974-2006, n.d.]
 [Bourgeois Neurasthenia: The Genesis of Millenarian Politics in an Era of Disorienting Chaos, 1890-1917] [2007]
 Collected Works [n.d.]
 [The Coming of Post-Marxist Society (Notes and Fragments)] [n.d.]
 [The End of History] [n.d.]
 [The End of History (Notes and Fragments)] [n.d.] (2 folders)
 [Europe After the Rain] [1992]
 [Europe After the Rain, Part II] [n.d.]
 [Europe After the Rain (Notes and Fragments)] [n.d.] (2 folders)

Box 17
Mott, Albert (continued)
 [Europe After the Rain (Notes and Fragments)] [n.d.] (2 folders) (continued)
 [Gathering of the Gangs (Notes and Fragments)] [1976-2003; n.d.] (8 folders)
 [Gnostic Politics (Notes and Fragments)] [1960-2001; n.d.] (9 folders)
 [Gnostic Politics: Millenarianism in the Totalitarian Era] [2007] (3 folders)

Box 18
Mott, Albert (continued)
 [Gnostic Politics: Millenarianism in the Totalitarian Era] [2007] (continued)
 [Gnostic Politics/Millennial Politics (Notes and Fragments)] [n.d.]
 [The Last Days of the Bourgeoisie: Bolshevism, Fascism and the Gathering of the Gangs] [2007] (2 folders)
 [The Masks of Dionysus: The Gathering of the Gangs, 1919-1929] [n.d.] (2 folders)
 [The Masks of Dionysus: Nietzsche and Marx, Disorienting Change, 1890-1917] [2005] (3 folders)
 [Millennial Politics] [n.d.]
 [Millennial Politics: An Intellectual History of Europe, 1890-1950] [n.d.]
 [Post-History (Clippings)] [1967-2007; n.d.]
 [Post-History (Notes and Fragments)] [n.d.] (6 folders)
 [Post-History: The End of Millennial Politics] [1997; n.d.] (3 folders)
 [Post-History: Prelude, Smashing of the Nazi Imperium] [n.d.] (2 folders)
 [The Secularization of Europe (Outline)] [1973-1978; n.d.]
 [Western Europe: “The New Europe”] [n.d.]

Box 19
National Socialism: 1929-1933, Movement to a System [1961-1975; n.d.]
NATO [1947-1962; n.d.] (2 folders)
 Baeumler, Alfred: Studien zur deutschen Geistesgeschichte [1937]
 Bergmann [n.d.]
 Bergmann, Ernst: Die Deutsche Nationalkirche [1933]
 Bergmann, Ernst: Deutschland [1933]
 Bergmann, Klaus: Agrarromantik [1970]
 Buchheim, Hans: Glaubenskriese im Dritten Reich [1953]
 Curtis, Ernst Robert: Deutscher Geist in Gefahr [1935]
 [Deutschland Erwacht Werden Kampf und Sieg der NSDAP] [1933; n.d.]
 Draper, Theodore: The Specter of Weimar [1972]
 Forsthoff, Ernst: Der totale Staat [1933]
 Geiger, Theodor: Die Masse [n.d.]
 Geiger, Theodor: Die Soziale Schichtung [1932]
 Geissler, Rolf: Dekadenz und Heroism [1964]
 Grunsky, Alfred Hans: Der Einbruch des Judentums in die Philosophie [1937]
 Guéhenno, Jean: Journal des années noires [1947]
 Gumplowicz, Ludwig: Der Rassenkampf [1883]
 Hamilton, Alastair: The Appeal of Fascism [1971]
 [Härtle, Heinrich: Nietzsche und der Nationalsocialismus] [1939; n.d.]
 Hermand, Jost: Orte. Irgendwo. [1981]
 Hermens, Ferdinand A: “Germany, Europe and the World” [1945]
 Hussong, Friedrich: Kurfürstendamm [1934]
 Hutten, Kurt: Christus oder Deutschglaube [1935]
 Hutten, Kurt: Ein neues Evangelium? [1937]
 Hutten, Kurt: Um Blut und Glauben [1932]
 Krannhals, Paul: Der Weltsinn der Technik [1932]
 Krannhals, Paul: Revolution des Geistes [1935]
 Kraus, Karl: Die Dritte Walpurgisnacht [1952]

Box 20
Nazism (continued)
 Ludwig, Karl-Heinz: Technik und Ingenieure im Dritten Reich [1974]
 Möller-Hill, Bruno: Tödliche Wissenschaft [1984]
 Müller-Lyer, F.: Soziologie der Leiden [1918]
 [Rosenberg, Alfred: An die Dunkelmänner unserer Zeit] [1935; n.d.]
 [Rosenberg, Alfred: Die Protokolle der Weisen von Zion] [1923; n.d.]
 Schickedanz, Arno: Sozialparasitismus im Völkerleben [1927]
 Schieder, Theodor: Hermann Rauschning [1972]
 Schmitz, Oscar A. H.: Das rätselhafte Deutschland [1920]
 Schneid, Sadi: SS-Beutedeutscher [1979]
 Sebottendorf, Rudolf: Bevor Hitler kam [1933]
 [Steding, Christoph: Politik und Wissenschaft bei Max Weber (dissertation)] [1932; n.d.]
 Von Martin, Alfred: Der heroische Nihilismus [1948]
 Von Oppen, Beate Ruhm: Religion and Resistance to Nazism [1971]
 Wirth, Herman: Der Aufgang Der Menschheit [1928]
Nazism: Electoral Politics [1976-1986; n.d.]
Nazism [Journal Articles] [1930-1986; n.d.] (5 folders)

Box 21
Nazism [Journal Articles] [1987-1999; n.d.] (2 folders) (continued)
Nazism [Museum Exhibits] [n.d.]
Nazism [Newspaper and Magazine Articles] [1969-2005; n.d.] (2 folders)
Nazism [Notes] [n.d.] (3 folders)
Nazism [Spiegel Articles] [1966-1979]
Neo-Nazism [1971-2000; n.d.]
[Neske: Günther, Erinnerungen an Martin Heidegger] [1982]
New Humanism [1937]
Nietzsche and England [n.d.]
Nietzsche in the 20th Century [1996-2002; n.d.]
Nizan [1973; n.d.]
Nizan, La Conspiration, [1938; n.d.]
NLR Articles [1969-1985]
Nouvelle Philosophie [1977-1978; n.d.]

Box 22
Oswald + the University [ca. 1963-1969]
Political Culture: US 1929 [n.d.]
[Political Theory] [1987-1994; n.d.]
[Popper, Karl] [1972-1983; n.d.]
Porn, Prostitution, Delinquency [1968-1975; n.d.]
Post-Historical Britain [1974-1993; n.d.]
Post-Historical Situations [1966-1986; n.d.]
Post-Modernism [1972-1992; n.d.] (3 folders)
Postcards [ca. 1930-2000]
Psychoanalysis [1963-2000; n.d.]
[Rahn, Otto, Luzifers Hofgesind] [1937; n.d.]
Rathenau [n.d.]
Rauschning [1981-1985]
[Reevaluating the Third Reich (conference)] [April 1988] (2 folders)
The Revolt Against Positivism [1961-1970; n.d.]
[Russia] [1995-2007; n.d.]
Russian Historicism [1994-1996]
[Sartre] [1984-1987; n.d.]
Sartre, Camus and the Angry Young Men [1956-1979; n.d.]
Scheler, Philosophical Perspectives [1958; n.d.]
Sexuality [1979-2001; n.d.]
Socialism [1966-1984; n.d.]
[Sociological Theory] [1959-1997; n.d.]
Soviet Union [1978-1988; n.d.]

Box 23
Soviet Union [1989-2003; n.d.] (continued)
Spengler Notes [1972-1973; n.d.]
[Spiegel clippings] [1963-2000; n.d.] (8 folders)
Spies [1967-2006; n.d.]
[Sprinzak, Ehud: Gush Emunim: The Politics of Zionist Fundamentalism in Israel] [1986]
The State of the Left [1978-1981; n.d.]
Student Movement in Germany [n.d.]
Student Revolts [1969-1970; n.d.]
 Epistémon: Ces idées [1968]
 Hermann, Kai: Die Revolte der Studenten [1968]
Surrealism and Politics [1968; n.d.]
Sociopaths [1972-1973]
[Telos Articles] [1965-1983]
[Theory and Society Articles] [1974-1985]
Toynbee, Arnold. [1952-1982; n.d.]
Transvaluation, Russian Avant-Garde [1980-1981; n.d.]
Tuwim, Julian (translation) [n.d.]
Unamuno, Miguel de [1964; n.d.]
Utopia and Millenium [1972-1981; n.d.]
U.S. Articles and Publications [1948-1992; n.d.]
Vitalism [n.d.]
War and Revolution [1982-1990; n.d.]
Weber’s Lacuna [1996; n.d.]

Box 24
Weimar Germany [1975-1980; n.d.] (2 folders)
Weimar Germany (clippings and notes) [1932-1990; n.d.]
[Western Europe] [1969-1999; n.d.]
Youth Movements [1966-1996; n.d.]
Zandler, H. Jean [1970]

Boxes 25-31
Bibliographies (3x5 cards)

Series 4: Audiovisual and Multimedia Materials (1953-2007)
10.5 linear feet

This series contains a variety of audio, visual and textual media documenting Mott’s personal and professional life. Many of the slides, photographs, film and video media document trips within North America and to South America, Europe and Asia. The slides also include a preponderance of images of works of art and historical figures; many are undated, but were annotated by Mott. The VHS and Beta cassettes focus mainly on twentieth-century research topics, but also cover some personal trips taken by Mott. The microcassette and videocassette content includes both personal and research subjects. The majority of the CDs and floppy disks contain versions of Mott’s book drafts. The audio tapes and film feature Mott’s class lectures, research and personal activities. Materials in this series are organized alphabetically within each format.

Box 32 [Slides]
17th/18th Century, n.d.
19th Century, n.d.
1900: Society and Politics, n.d.
20th Century Art, Early, n.d.
20th Century Political Movements, n.d.
Art and Revolution, USSR, n.d.
Avant Garde, n.d.
Bourgeois Realism/Impressionism, n.d.
Christianity, n.d.
Commune Irimbaud, n.d.
Copenhagen/Brussels/Munich, n.d.
Crosby, et. al, n.d.
Crystal Palace, Second Empire, n.d.
Dadaists, Depression, Depersonalization, Nazi Art, n.d.
Dada/Expressionism, n.d.
Egyptian Mother Goddess, n.d.
Endlosung, n.d.
Entartete Kunst, n.d.
Erwin Discator, Political Theater, n.d.
Europe, 1954-1955
Existentialism, n.d.
Expressionism, Kirchner, Franc Marc, Emil Noble, Kokoschka, n.d.
Fascism France/United Kingdom, 1930s
Fin de Siecle, n.d.
Freud (and workers), 1900-1914
Futurism Expressionism, 1900-1914
Futurism Fascism, n.d.
Futurism, late 1920s
Germany, 1918-1919/Inflation
Greece, Women Decadence, n.d.
Gustav Klimt, Erotic Decadence, n.d.
Hitler: The Twenties
Hitler Prelude, 1930-1936
Illustration Charts, n.d.
Korea, 1953-1954
London, 1950s
May 1968, Events, 1968
Medieval, n.d.
Modern Art 1890-1945

Box 33 [Slides, Negatives, Photographs and Microfilm]
Modern Art, n.d.
Nazi Art, Fascist Art, Leonard Heidegger, n.d.
Nazism, n.d.
Occupied France, n.d.
Pop Art, n.d.
Renaissance, Late Medieval, n.d.
Romantics to 1840
Rome 1, n.d.
Rome 2, n.d.
Rome, Imperial 2
Rome, Mystery Religions, n.d.
Russian Revolution, Political, n.d.
Schiele, “Facade” and “Psyche”, n.d.
Surrealism, n.d.
Sweden (BCIU), n.d.
Thirties: 1938, Heidegger, Architecture, Chancellory, n.d.
Twenties: Art Deco, Nancy Conard, n.d.
Weimar, n.d.
Mott Wedding Announcement
Microfilm, George Arthur Johnson, A Study in the 17th century/English Spiritualism Before Quakers
Microfilm, Quakers, Ranters, A True Interpretation of the Witch of Endor
Microfilm, The Prophet of Walnut Tree Yard, Rev. A. Jessopp
Negatives and Microfilm, Mixed

Box 34 [VHS/Beta, CD, Floppy Disk, Microcassette, 8mm videocassette]
Art: Classical: Greek, Roman/Christian
Art: Renaissance/Baroque
Boats & People
Chincoteague to Christmas 1996/Keller & Mintz Xmas 1997
Christmas in Williamsburg 2001: unexpurgated
Commieland (4)
Decadence Interviews
Decomposition of Communism, 11-89
Decomposition of Marxist-Leninism, November-December
Down Memory Lane: Lebanon-Williamsburg: Autumn in Reston (1994)
Dr. Achim Hager’s visit to Washington, Sept. 1997
Eye of Newt: Time of Twits Election 1996
Millennial Research
Newt Happens/Shit Happens: 1994-1995
Our House, Our Town, Reston Virginia 2003 & 2004
Petra & General Kurt Bastian: 1991
Petra Kelly and General Gert Bastian – 1992
Poland, Warsaw & Krakow: Auschwitz (Aug. 1999)
Reston Art Gallery
The Class of 1940
The Seasons & Political Culture: 1997-1998
Video Diary: From FDR to Bush
20th Century Europe Western Tradition
Bourgeois Neurasthenia
Bourgeois Neurasthenia: The Genesis of Millenarian Politics in an Era of Disorienting Change
Gathering of the Gangs (2)
Gnostic Politics (2)
Gnostic Politics: Millenarianism in the Totalitarian Era (2)
The Last Days of the Bourgeoisie: Bolshevism, Fascism and the Gathering of the Gangs (2)
The Last Days of the Bourgeoisie: The Gathering of the Gangs (2)
Luther and the Reformation
The Masks of Dionysus: The Discovery of Change: Marx, Nietzsche and Modernity, 2005 (2)
Millennial Politics, 2007
Millennial Politics: The Gathering of the Gangs, 1919-1929/Political Culture versus Marxist Ideology
Paris, 1966
Regensburg Wein, Neuscheweinstein, 1965
Rome, Naples, Herculaneum, 1966
Stockholm, Copenhagen, 1966
Summer in Europe, 1969/Brindisi, Zurich, Davos [Nietzsche] Paris and Siv
Venice, Florence, Pisa, Athens, 1966
Floppy disk
Chapters 1-13, May 1996 (2)
Disks 1-3, October 1995 (3)
Epilogue, Kniebolo, Nietzsche
Masks, Chapters 1-8, July 2000
Masks of Dionysus, May 2001 (2)
Post-History, May 1996
Post-History, August 2000 (2)
Post-History, April 2001 (2)
Art Galleries
Berlin: September 2002
Boats and People: Sweden June 2007
Christmas in Williamsburg December 2001
Cruise (2)
John Pierce and Linda
Linda/John Xmas 2006
Los Angeles June 2002 (2)
Mid-summer 2007
Mourning, etc.
Our House 2004
Our Town: Reston 2005
Quebec Cruise 2005 (2)
Spring 2007
Stauffenberg: Berlin 2002
Thanksgiving/Xmas 2000
Trips 2005
Whitney Bates: Portland, Oregon
8mm videocassettes:
Amtrak to New Orleans
Anselmi and Arrocmar, August 2000
Arrochar “Texreal”
AS 6000, Dr. Achim Hager: September 1997
Belfast and Moosehead Bay Railroad, August 1995
Cancun, Mexico, January 1994
Cape Cod: Merritt, October 1999
Chincoteague Reston Siv
Chincoteague to Christmas, 1996
Chincoteague, June 1990
Chincoteague, September 1997
Christmas Scenes 1991
Clearwater (2)
Clearwater, 1992
Clearwater, December 1992/New Year 1993/Clinton
Clearwater, Florida: Laumer
Down Memory Lane: July 1994, Top Sail, PJ, Cape Cod, Lebanon
ES 6000 Capitol Mall/ Pace Museum/ Modern Art/Clinton/Keller, 1/98
ES 6000 Essertier-Merritt/Christmas 1997, Keller and Frank Minsk
ES 6000 Florida Vacation, March 1997
ES Vancouver Cityscape, October 1997
Fairfax Hunt 1992
Fort Pierce, Florida
Frankfurt to Goteborg
Germany to Rome
Germany: Ruth Meiser, June 1996
Hanks, Marius, Siv
Headmaster’s Dinner: Pawling
The Idiot Is In, 2001
Krakau: Folk Dancers and Czestochowa
Learning, Cocoa Beach
London/ Paris/ Brussels/ Amsterdam
Malamuth/ Itterby/ Raholman, May 2000
Malamuths: Nov. 1993
On the Road: Florida 1994
Pappy’s funeral, 22 April 1995
Pawling Day Events
Philadelphia, March 2000 (2)
Prague/ Theresienstadt /Berlin May 2000
Rostock/ Berlin/ Dresden/ Prague, May 2000
Spring: Florida/ Reston, April-March 1994
Springtime Miscellany, May 2000
Summer 1992
Swedish Idyll, 1996
Thanksgiving 2001; Gil/Shaela; Iraq/W
Tom Wolfe: Wood Carver, June 1998
Tucson, Arizona, February 1995
Wolf Trap

Box 35 [Audiotapes]
Abortion Gastarbeiter, 1975
Adorno (Hogan)
After the Coup #2
Aftermath: Hobbes
Agape & Eros
AHA, 1976
Albert and Siv talking
Andrei Anikin: Soviet Economist
Athens: The Collapse of the Polis
Axial Period – Marx and Max Stirner
Bacon – Tis All in Peeces
Berlin Dada (2)
The Big Change: From Sartre to Kojeve
Birth of the Polis
Black Britannica
Blicks ins Chaos
The Bohemian Republic, 1989
Bolshevism & Historicism
Bolshevism/Nazism: Spengler/Weber
Bourgeois Neurasthenia
Breakdown of the Roman Republic
Britain in Decline
Britain in Extremis: H.G. Wells
The Cage of the Future
Calvinism & Science
Camus: Logical Crime
The Change of Phase
Charles Hogan Interview (2)
Christianity: Sect to World Religion
Christmas Eve: Siv and Venas, Sweden, 1995
Class Discussion: Aldous Huxley
The Collapse of Communism
Con-Student Remembrances, July 2001
Copernicus/Bruno; The World’s a Cheese
Copernicus/Giordano Bruno
Coward, Feinberg
CP Women in Britain, 1975
Credos: Merritt: FDR: Siv, November 1995
Critical Theory April 1990
Cromwell vs. Mott – Luther & Modern Politics
The Crystal Palace: Spencer, Comte, Mill
Cultural Determinism: The Inquest
Czechoslovakia (2)
Dada/Russian Futurism/Constructivism
Dada/Russian Futurism/Leninism
Darwin: Time without Telos
Days of May, May 1978
De-Christianization: 18th Century France
De-Christianization: Gnosis (2)
De la Maziere
The Debacle of 1848: Marx and Bruno Bauer
Decline & Fall
Decline of the Church
The Decline of the Roman Republic
Decline: Nietzsche & Dostoevsky
Decomposition of Marxism April 1990
Descartes, Spinoza, Hobbes
Die Geschichte der Lach
Dionysus in the Clinic: Freud & Jung
Dostoevsky: The Transitional Man
Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment
Drei Groschen Oper
Dual State (2)
Dualism – Spirit Matter
Early Memories
Eclipse of the Polis
The Edge of the Millenium
Ehud Sprinzak: Israeli Fundamentalism
The End of History: First Lecture
English Revolution
Erasmus & Luther
Eros and Transgression
Europe, 1974 October
Europe, January 26, Rosendale
European Socialists, 1980
Existentialism & Marxism: Sartre
Fascism: Futurist Politics
Father God: Mother Goddess
Felix Grant
Felix Grant, Pot Pourri
The First Modern Revolution
Flight of the Intellectual
Florence: Capitalism without conscience
Fragment on Dionysianism
France/Elections, March 1978
Franco Ferrarott
Franz und Ernst
French Revolution (3)
Freud & Jung: Apollo vs. Dionysius
Freud & Nietzsche (2)
Freud, Dora, 1980
Fritz Stern: Hitler
From Futurism to Constructivism
Futurism to Constructivism
[G__] Abusing Big Brother
Gail Bliss
Galileo – The New World Picture
Garrison Keillor on Newt
The Genealogy of Morals
The General Will
Generation of Materialism
German Political Culture
German Political Culture: 1919
Germany Historiography
Gert Mueller
Gleichschaltung: Christoph Steding
Gnosis & Nazism
Gnostic Crime: The Death Camps
Gnosticism (Nazism) Charles Maier
Hal Burns (2)
Hamid Mowlana: Critical Theory
Hapsburg Austria: The Isolation Cell
Hegel/Marx (3)
Heidegger & Cassirer
Herbert Marcuse
Hesse: Blicks ins Chaos
High Bohemia/Fascism
Historicist Hangover
Hitler: Speeches
Hitler’s Death
Home, Possibilities of Life in Outer Space
Hugo Pienda: Values
Ibsen, Hedda Gabler
Ibsen, Wild Duck
Individuation to Mass: Premonitions
Introduction Fall 1991
Introduction: Subjectivity/Objective World
The Isolation Cell: Habsburg Austria
Italian (Mosaic) Terrorism
Italian Communism
Italianate Capitalism
Italy, 1975, EEC
Jew-Greek: From tribe to polis
Kamyar Vala: The Iranian Revolution
Kater/Strasser (2)
Kurt Weill (2)
La Critique Universelle
La Critique Universelle: Montesquieu
Last Lecture: Spengler/ Alain Touraine
The Last Semester: Introduction
Laumer, War Memories, 1999
Laumer: Lund, 1973
Lenin: the Tactician of Revolution
Lenin’s Machiad: Physics & Politics
Locke & Newton
Logical Crime: Camus
Logical Crime: Student Records, 1986-1987
London: Sperlings (1953); Lisbon: Laumer
Lord Anthony Quinton
Louis Althusser
Lukacs & Modernism (2)
Luther: Manic Depressive
Mackay, Der Unschuldige die Geschichte einer wandlung
The Magic Mountain (2)
Mahagonny (3)
Mahagonny: The Choir of the Coming Reich

Box 36 [Audiotapes]
Audiotapes continued
Mahagonny: Nazism
Malaise in the Jazz Age (2)
March 2006/ Sweden: People/South Beach poverty
Marx & Lenin
Marx & the Commune
Marx in Midpassage: Surplus Value
Marcuse and the Dionysians
Marx, Spencer, J.S. Mill
Marx, Weber: Hitler
Matson (4)
Max Weber: Synchronic vs. Diachronic
Max Weber: The Cage of the Future (2)
Michael Shapiro: Language
Michel Foucault
Michel Foucault: Paris 1968
Millennialism – Reaction
Modernism & Modernity
Montesquieu & Rousseau
Mother Goddess: Jew & Greek
Munzer, John of Leyden, Calvin
Mussolini & Hitler
Mutation: Religion/Science
Napoleon & Romanticism
Nazi Antisemitism
Nazism (2)
Nietzsche & Modernism
Nietzsche vs. Marx
The Nietzscheans (2)
Nietzsche: Philosopher of the Future (3)
Nietzsche’s Madman
Nietzsche’s Mustache: Nihilism & Decadence
Nizan & Camus
Oedipal Crime
On the Rant, January 1996/ Raholman
Paul Nizan: The Absurd & Marxism
Pawling? Cluett Remembered
PCI, June 1976, Vidal
Petra Kelly: On the Reunification of Germany
Physicians in the Third Reich
Plato’s Prejudices
Playing with Personae
Plot Against Hitler, 20 July 1944, 11-27-78
Point Counter Point
Political Culture: Russia/France
Politics and Myth: Sorel
Politics and Society: Locke/Maundeville/Wesley (part 3)
Portugal Summer 1975
Post War Europe
Post-Historical Greece
Post-Historicist Blues (2)
Prague Spring to Terrorism
Pre-Christian Philosophy, Isis & Mithra
Pre-Socratics Plato
Princes & the Papacy
Private Vices Public Good (2)
The Problem of Jesus: Russian Confessional
Protean Kingship: The Common Law
The Pursuit of the Millennium (2)
Quigley’s Charles Hogan Interview
Rabbi vs. Savior God
The Rational Soul – Erasmus
The Rational Supernaturalists
Rationalism & Secularization
Reaganism: Homosexuals
Red Brigades
Renaissance: Burckhardt & Huizinga
The Renaissance: The Janus-Faced
Republic to Empire: Military Politic
Revolution: 1640-1660
Rimbaud, Dickey, Hitler
Rise of Christianity
Robert Jay Lifton: Logical Crime
Rock Revolution
Romanticism/Hegel (2)
Romanticism: Herder
Rome: Decline and Fall (3)
Rousseau & the General Will
Rudolf Bahro
Russian Revolution
Sartre in Purgatory
Sartre: Nausea
Saturday 1995, Good Guitars
Scientific Revolution
The Second Revolution
Secular to Sacral: Julian the Apostate
Shaw, Mrs. Warren’s Profession
Siv, c. 1988, Christmas
Siv/Sweden (3)
Siv/Talking of Family
Smart Ass on Nixon/Siv’s Childhood, July 1973
Social Asthenia: Fascism: France
Sociology of Change (4)
Sociology of Change: Weber
Songs for Aging Children; Early Rock
Sorrow (2)
South Africa IPCI
Spanish Civil War, Revel
Spencer, Mill, & Marx: The Age of Capital
Spengler (2)
Spengler & Modernism
Spengler & Weber (2)
Spengler vs. Weber
Steiner: Language
Steven Levine: Chinese Communism
Stirner- Bauer
Stourzh, Max Stirners Philosophie Des Ich
Structure/ Culture, Siv, et al., 16 June 1996, Raholman
Survey: Islam
Sweden during the War
Swedish Malaise
Syberberg, Hitler (2)
T.S. Eliot reading
Table Talk December 1997
Taverna, Athens
Terrorism (3)
Things to Come, 1936
Tis All in Peeces (2)
Tis All in Peeces: Both Barrels
Tödliche Wissenschaft
Toynbee: Kast Lecture
Transition: 1850-1880
Transition Types
The Twenties: Aldous Huxley & Weimar
Vico – Late Medieval Society
Vico and the Goddess
Walter Scheel, June 1975
War & Revolution
War & Revolution: 1914-1917
Weimar: The Bohemian Republic (2)
Weimar Culture (2)
West Germany: 1968 Gunther Grass
Women in Europe/Schmidt, Chancellor
The World’s a Cheese: Menocchio
Yusef Ibish: Islam & Nationalism
Zurich, BBC coverage of Question Time

Box 37 [Large 8mm Film Reels]
643 Massachusetts Ave. NE 1964
Brindisi/Paris 1969
Europe 1965 (5)
Florida 1972
Florida 1977
Florida 1977
German Students/Demonstrations 1969
Germany 1969
Germany 1973
Heidelberg 1965 (5)
Hellas 1969
Koln/Aachen/Bruges/ Dinkelsbuhl
Lisboa 1973
Michael Meeser’s Shop Windows/ Königstuhl
New England 1976
Newbridge 1974/1975
Newbridge 1975
Nuremburg/Regenburg/Wien, 1965
O.Bien/Capelli/Bentley/Malamuth 1972
Reston (7)
San Francisco/Berkeley 1972
Spain 1973
Washington 1964

Box 38 [Small 8mm Film Reels, 6mm Audio Reels, 10mm Audio]
Small 8mm film reels
77 Groscz
Art 1967
Christmas/New Year 1971
Early 1947
Gourmet Series
Jamestown 1964
Meiser 1969
Miami 1979
Ski Trip 1964
Ski Trip 1971
Winter 1980
6mm reel-to-reel audio
Antinomianism: Thelma Lanine 1968/Nihilism: Jolade Rummer
Berlin, Jetzt Freue Dich/Geschichte Unserer Zeit/Acs Forschung und Geisteseleben/Literatur – Revolutionen 1910-1925
Common Market on prospects of mankind//Rilke
Eco-Topic #4
Eco-topics #2 – Control of the Money Supply
Esso, NY 1966
European Opinion: Bertil Galland; Jean-Paul Medard; Jacques Duval
German Divisions—Petra Kelly, April 1974
Hidden Revolution 1960/The Beat Generation 1960
Hitler: Die Zweiten Weltkrieg with Commentary by A.D. Mott, May 1964
Interview with Jean Francois Revel (Voice of America)
Isaiah Berlin – Roots of Romanticism 1964
Korea: Brainwashing
Louis Miller/Sherrie Stockholm 1965
Munich 1960//Goering 1959
The Neo Impressionists (Cultural History Research)
The Pioneers of Nonobjective Art (Cultural History Research)
Xmas 1962