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Administrative History

The Friends of Colombia is an affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association. Its mission is to “bring together returned Peace Corps volunteers and staff who served in Colombia and others who share this interest” to exchange information and to support community-based activities in Colombia.

Scope and Content Note

The archive documents the organization since its founding in 1986 as well as the experience of Peace Corps volunteers and staff who served in Colombia from 1961 to 1981. This collection is divided into the following categories:

  • Peace Corps
  • National Peace Corps Association
  • Friends of Colombia
  • Colombia
  • Returned Peace Corps volunteers 

This is an abridged version of the inventory. For additional information on this collection, please contact American University Special Collections.


Peace Corps

Box 1
Biographical Listing of Peace Corp Volunteers/Staff (n.d.) [3 folders]

Box 2
Directory of Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Colombia, 1995
Lists of Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Colombia, 1980, 1987 [2 folders]
Peace Corps Colombia Volunteers, 1961-81 [includes photographs]
Peace Corps Colombia Volunteers who are members of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA), 2001
Peace Corps in Colombia Activities, 1961-81 [includes photographs; 8 folders]
Volunteers/Staff who died while in Peace Corps Service in Colombia, 1961-81 [includes photographs]

Box 3
25th Anniversary Conference and Annual Report, 1987
35th Anniversary of the Peace Corps, 1996
50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps - Farr Photos, 2011
Act Amendments, Hearings before the Committee on Foreign Affairs (House of Representatives) 1962
“Adjusting Overseas: A Message to Each Peace Corps Trainee” Brochure
Annual Reports, 1962-1965, 1987-88 [2 folders]
Articles on the Peace Corps, 1964-98 [3 folders]
Beyond War Award Ceremony, 1987
Brochures, 1991, 1998
Chronology, 1960-89

Box 4
"Citizen in a Time of Change: The Returned Peace Corps Volunteer," Report on the Conference, March 5-7, 1965
"Communism in Action-1963," Study-Discussion Program for Peace Corps Volunteers”
Educational Television (ETV) Project in Colombia: Two Years of Research
                SEE ALSO: Box 35
        Overview of Reports No. 1-10, by George Comstock and Nathan Maccoby with Patricia Comstock. A Report of the Institute for Communication Research, Stanford University, Nov. 1966
        Research Reports:
        No. 1 - The Project as a Whole-Organization, Adaptation and Expansion, Nov. 1966
        No. 2 - The Project's First Semester-Pupil Achievement, Teacher Attitudes and the Work of the Utilization Volunteer
        No. 3 - Improving the Effectiveness of the Utilization Volunteer and the Utilization of ETV by the Colombian Teacher
        No. 4 - The Colombian Teacher and the Utilization Volunteer, Making ETV Work at the Schools of a Developing Country
        No. 5- The Day-to-Day Job of the Utilization Volunteer: Structure, Problems and Solutions
        No. 6 - Instructional Television for the In-Service Training of the Colombian Teacher
        No. 7 - Improving the Effectiveness of Peace Corps Effort to Change Teacher Behavior

Box 5
ETV Project in Colombia (continued)
        Research Reports (continued)
        No. 8 - The Televised Curriculum and the Colombian Teacher
        No. 9 - The Volunteers
        No. 10 - Feedback to the Peace Corps on Project Programs-Some Models and Suggestions
Guide to Health for Peace Corps Volunteers
Handbook “Let Us Begin…”
List of Books and Articles on the Peace Corps Experience, 1964-85
Nobel Peace Prize Nomination, 2011
Peace Corps Facts and History, including Domestic Programs, 1961-94
Peace Corps News July 1962
Peace Corps Partnership Program Annual Review, 1996
Peace Corps Stamps
Peace Corps Volunteer Newsletter, March-Sept. 1965, Sept. 1969
Peace Corps Volunteers Public Service Announcements 1964
"A Short History of Evaluation Within the Peace Corps: 1962-1987," paper by Winthrop Morgan, 1988


National Peace Corps Association

Box 6
10th Anniversary of the NPCA Program, July 21-23, 1989
20th Anniversary of the NPCA Program, Aug. 12-15, 1999
Bibliography of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) Writers, 1991
Conference Announcements and Programs, 1990-94
Group Leadership Directories, 1996-98 [3 folders]
Groups Reference Manual, 1991
Lists and Reviews of Books and a Film by RPCVs, 1994-2002
Newsletters, 1988-91, 2001-02 (incomplete) [2 folders]
Publications Subcommittee Correspondence, 2002-03
Peace Corps Day (3/1/99) and NPCA Conference in St. Paul, Minn. (8/12-15/99) Announcements, Correspondence, and Programs [2 folders]
RPCV/Washington Member Listing by Name (n.d.)
Survey of RPCVs, 1996
Who’s Who in the Peace Corps Washington


Friends of Colombia

Box 7
Attendees at Colombian Ambassador’s Reception, Aug. 2, 1991
Contact Lists, 1990-2005
Directories of Friends of Colombia, 1988, 1991, 2000

Box 8
Activities and Business, 1990-2001 [including photographs, 3 folders]
25th Anniversary of NPCA, Aug. 5-8, 2004
30th Anniversary of the Peace Corps, Aug. 1-4, 1991
40th Anniversary of the Peace Corps, Sept. 2001 and June 2002 [2 folders]
Photographs and artwork

Box 9
Annual Conferences, 1992, 1993
Articles of Incorporation, 1990
Board of Trustees Minutes of Meetings, 1990-2005 [4 folders]
Bylaws, 1990

Box 10
Correspondence 1991-1994

Box 11
Correspondence 1994-1995

Box 12
Correspondence 1995-1996

Box 13
Correspondence 1997

Box 14
Correspondence 1997-1998

Box 15
Correspondence 1998-2000

Box 16
Correspondence 2000-2004, 2008
Dallas Alice Sportswear Designs, 1991
Exhibit, 2001-02
Federal Tax-Exempt Papers, 1990-91 [2 folders]
Franking Papers, 1991
Fundraising Effort in Response to Earthquake in Armenia, Colombia Jan. 25, 1999 [4 folders]

Box 17
Internet Home Page, 1996
Internships, 1993, 1996
Summer Internship Program Information
Maryland Tax-Exempt Papers, 1991
Maryland Tax-Exempt Status Verifications, 1991-97, 2001
Lorette Miller Ruppe Award Nominations, 1999
Newsletter, 1987-2005 [4 folders]

Box 18
PORVENIR - the newspaper of Peace Corps Colombia, Aug. 1967-Mar. 1970

Box 19
Projects, 1990-2004 [3 folders]
Norman Rockwell Prints Information and Requests, 1992-93 [2 folders]
Treasurer's Reports, 1994-2005



Box 20
Actuar: Corporacion Accion por Bolivar, annual reports, 1996-2001 [5 folders]
Art of Latin America and the Caribbean in Cultural Context, exhibition catalogue from the Museum of Modern Art of Latin America in Washington, D.C., 1985
Brochures (n.d.) [in English and Spanish, 2 folders]
Business Colombia [Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce], Sept. 1994-Nov.1997 [2 folders]
California/Colombia Comparison [Congressional Research Service], 1994-95
Colombia Bulletin [Embassy of Colombia], 1995-96
Colombia Bulletin: Human Rights Quarterly, 1997-99

Box 21
Colombia: Land of El Dorado, exhibition catalogue from the Inter-American Bank, Washington, D.C., Oct. 18-Dec. 23, 1993
"Colombia Policy in the Mid-1990s" [Center for Strategic and International Studies], 1994
Colombia Tourism Information
Colombia Update [Colombia Human Rights Network], 1992-2000 [incomplete]
Colombian Volunteer Ladies
Colombian Women Leaders
Country Commercial Guide [American Embassy in Colombia], FY 1995
Dos Anos Despues-Colombia Adelante, Agosto 17, 1961-Agosto 17, 1963, Alianza para el Progresso
Drug War in Colombia:
        Articles and reports from various sources
"Colombia's War on Drugs" [report by the Embassy of Colombia], 1996
        U.S. Government reports, 1993, 1997
        Newspaper clippings

Box 22
Embassy of Colombia press releases and publications, including The Chromatic
Structures of Fanny Sanin, 1974-2004, exhibition catalogue
"The End of Solitude: Young [Latin American] Artists on the Rise," Art News, Oct., 1990
Human Rights in Colombia, articles and reports from various sources, 1998-2001 [2 folders]
Nature Conservation Organizations in Colombia, 1992-95 [2 folders]

Box 23
Newsletters on Colombia, 1987-2001
Newspaper Articles on Colombia [4 folders]

Box 24
Photographs and Artwork of Colombia, 5 prints
A Tribute to the Book: Works by Contemporary Colombian Artists, 7 March-15 May 1996, Colombian Center NY
Castañeda, José. The Flower Parade. Colombia: 2008
Anti Peace Corps Materials

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

Box 25
Peace Corps Volunteers Biographical Sketches: June 25, 1961-June 19, 1964 (Groups 1-22)

Box 26
Peace Corps Volunteers Biographical Sketches: June 25, 1964-November 1, 1969 (Groups 23-49)

Box 27
Peace Corps Volunteers Biographical Sketches: June 21, 1970-November 3, 1980 (Groups 50-80)

Box 28
Adair, David and Nancy
Adams, Jerome R.
Allen, Dale C.
Arfin, Paul M.
Ballman (Dudley), Helene A.
Bishop (Cherry), Jennie M.
Broadwell, Donald I.
Brown, Jim
Cardenas, Rene F.
Carrozzi, Craig J
Cheston, Steve
Child (Anderson), Nancy L.
Clark, (Lightwine), Gloria J.
Colombia XIII Reunion 2004
Dahl, Dana
Deason, Robert P.
Deichman, Donald M.
Dietz, Robert E. IV
Dow, William F. III
Downer, Craig C.
Dubinsky, Irwin
Elkins (Hodgkinson), Joyce M.

Box 29
Estruth, Jerry
Farber, Marilyn D.
Friedwald, John and Susan
Frum, Jennifer [4 folders]
Gainor, Michael J.
Ganus, John W.
Gardner (Schairer), Karen E.
Gayton, Donald V.
Geisen, Phil

Box 30
Gherman, Paul
Gibson, Gale
Gifford, Robert H.
Gilbert, Dennis
Gleeson-Wyllie, Peggy
Gonya, Gary J.
Gould (Murdock), Turalu B.
Greven, John J.
Group 22 Reunion
Group 25II Reunion
Group 46 Reunion
Hancock, Marvin
Hersch, Jay A.
Hindall, Geo R.
Hisek, Dennis and Jeannette M.
Hiss, Joseph M.
Hogan, John
Ianacone, Albert C.
Judson (Stariell), Sandra L.
Jorgenson, Jeffrey P.

Box 31
Kenison, Robert S.
Kessler, Earl
Kestel, Barbara J.
Koch, Susan
Kolb, James S.
Kreek, Eileen
La Belle, Thomas
Larrichio, Lawrence V.
Lazinger, Joel P.
Lenkner, Charles A.
Lewis, John J.
Lightfoot, Eleanor H. (Norrie)
Lightwine, David and Gloria

Box 32
Lopes, Phil
Mallin (Boyles), Catherine M.
Manchester, Paul B.
Mazer, Susan L.
McClintock, Nancy Ann [3 folders]
McKay, Wallace D.
Meador, Charles D.
Montoya, John
Mulgannon Del Castillo, Janet H.
Mullin, Tom

Box 33
Mullin, Tom (continued)
Munns, Grace; Munns, David; Burnham, Jennifer Munns
Musgrave, Herman Dale
Nash (Durrin), Virginia
Nowers, Philip P.
Onstine, Robert J.
Peters, Arlan E.
Ray, Mary Clark
Riley, Margaret
Roll, Joanne Marie

Box 34
Roll, Joanne Marie (continued)
Rosskopf, Ilsa
Salisbury, William T.
Swenson, John
Sanders, Richard
Schneider, Mary R.
Seaton, Dana
Shields, Rita
Shirley, Kenneth E.
Skinner, G. Gage
Soles, Roger
Stockley, Griffin
Swehla, Doris R.
Todd, James C.
Wich, James R.
Wiebe, Alwyn F.
Willey, Robert P.
Willson, Michael O.
Woudenberg, William
Wyllie, Peggy Gleeson
Yancey (Kloepfer), Shirley A.

Box 35
Erdman, Ann

Box 36
Hager, Christine

Boxes 37-38
Kennedy, Terry

Box 39
Wand, Pat

Boxes 40-41
Wessel, David

Boxes 42-45
Kessler, Earl. Letters from Alfonso:Learning to Listen
Ladd Halliwell, Betty. The Bjorklund Legacy: Bjorklund’s Daughter
________ . The Bjorklund Legacy: The Farber-Bjorklund Presidency Ended Strangely
________. The Bjorklund Legacy: Philanth at 25
Peterson, Gary Dean. Tales from Colombia: The Deeds & Misdeeds of 41 Peace Corps Volunteer who answered President Kennedy's Call to Serve
Ritchey-Vance, Marion. El Arte de Asociarse: Las ONG y la sociedad civil en Colombia [The Art of Association: The NGOs and Civil Society in Colombia], 1992
________. The Art of Association: NGO’s and Civil Society in Colombia [English edition], 1993
Schwarz, Karen. What You Can Do For Your Country, An Oral History of the Peace Corps, New York, William Morrow & Co., 1991
Peace Corps. "Buen Provecho" (cookbook) Bogota, 1971.
Sorock, Margarita. Eligio Garcia Marquez: Aportes a le nueva narrativa urbana en Colombia, 2009.
Audio Tapes :
Peace Corps Conference - Speakers: Sargent Shriver, Edward Seaga, Cardinal Kim, and Paul Tsongas
Barry McCaffrey – 3/26/97
VHS Video Tapes:
Actuar Por Bolivar
Art by Dennis Cutshaw
The Bridge at Pucsaco
Co-op Film
La Cooperative of San Andres
The Foreigners
Fundacion Amigos de Corazon
Highlights of the Peace Corps’ 35th Anniversary
Miss Colombia 1998
A Naturalist in the Rainforest
The Peace Corps at 35: The Power of an Idea (2)
Peace Corps Colombia 34th Co-Op Reunion – Puerto Vallarta, May 1998 (Tapes 1-4)
Running for Bogota
Save the Children
State of the Agency
White Squall

Box 46
Peterson, Dana
Wilcox, Richard

Box 47
Wand, Pat(continued)

Box 48
Burkard, Ron

Box 49
El Educador - Numero 1-2, 1965-1966,br> A National Magazine for Primary Education Teachers in Colombia
ETV in Colombia
Chapete - original drawing for cartoon - "Angustia De Un Pueblo = Si Por Lo Menos Tuvieramos Educacion"
Founding Volunteer U.S. Peace Corps Columbia 1961-1963 t-shirt

Box 50
Morales, Enrique. The Unero Chronicles: US Peace Corps 1961-1963,
Colombia II - Community Development Orientation Seminar
Hall, Carol Whitacre. Peace Corps – Columbia VIII (1963-1965) – A Journal of My Two Years in San Bernardo del Viento, 2013
Dixon, Kay Gillies. Wanderlust Satisfied, 2013
Gieser, Ruth Ann UpdeGraff. Gaitán, “El Alcalde Del Pueblo: La administración de Jorge Eliécer Gaitán en Bogotá 1936-1937.” 2013
Hutton, F. Scott - Unpublished Memoir - J. Scott Hutton, Peace Corps Volunteer, Medellin, Colombia, 1964 to 1966
Kennedy, Ludovic. Very Lovely People: A Personal Look at Some Americans Living Abroad, 1969 with book review and “Labor in the Peace Corps” brochure
Gieser, Ruth Ann UpdeGraff. For Isabel & Madeline: A Memoir.” 2014
Young, Darrel. Peace Corps: Random Writings/Designs. 2015

Box 51
Greven, John

Box 52
Ziegler, Delwyn and Claire

Box 53
Krakauer, Elizabeth

Map Cabinet
Parking for Colombians Sign
“Peace is not an object found by chance” poster
Quindo Vive poster
Republica de Colombia, map of political divisions, 1980
Howard Ellegant Architectural Drawings