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Biographical Note
I.F. Stone was born Isidor Feinstein in 1907 to Russian Jewish immigrants in Philadelphia. After dropping out of the University of Pennsylvania, he began his journalistic career at the Philadelphia Inquirer. In 1929, he married Esther Roisman, with whom he had three children: Celia, Jeremy and Christopher. In the 1930s and 1940s Stone worked for the New York Post (1933-1939) and The Nation (1939-1946), where he gained his reputation for radical investigative journalism. After leaving The Nation, he worked for PM. In 1953, Stone started I.F. Stone’s Weekly, which was published until 1971 when he retired for health reasons. He received an honorary degree from the University of Pennsylvania on the 50th anniversary of the graduation of his class. Stone died in 1989 after suffering a heart attack in the wake of an operation for colon cancer.

Scope and Content Note
This collection is primarily composed of newspaper clippings compiled by I.F. Stone and his family. The clippings include book reviews, biographical articles, and articles written by Stone. The collection also contains publicity for Stone’s speaking events, transcripts from interviews, and correspondence (including letters from Eleanor Roosevelt and George McGovern). The audio and video materials are recordings of Stone’s television appearances and speeches (1974-1984).

This collection was donated by I.F. Stone’s son, Jeremy J. Stone, in January 2010 and July 2016.

Processing Note
The archivist arranged materials by subject and/or document type, placed them in chronological order (with undated materials in the back of the folder), and put them into archival folders and boxes.

Box and Folder Listing

Box 1:
American University 1975-1978
Awards 1970-1989
Book Reviews
- The Best of I.F. Stone’s Weekly 1973
- Hidden History 1969-1971
- The Killings at Kent State 1971
- Polemics and Prophecies 1971
- Time of Torment 1967-1968
- Underground to Palestine 1979
Change of name
- I.F. Stone 1960-1988
- I.F. Stone (Dutch) 1969-1982
- I.F. Stone - National Press Club Admission 1981-1982
- I.F. Stone - University of Pennsylvania Degree 1976
- I.F. Stone’s Articles 1967-1981
 Cuba 1963-1967
 Iran 1978-1980
 Israel/Palestine 1975-1980
 Nixon 1973-1974
 Nuclear Arms 1980
 Soviet Union 1972-1989
 Vietnam 1972-1979
- I.F. Stone Mentions 1960-1980, 1989
- I.F. Stone Mentions with KGB 1992-2009 - Miscellaneous 1951-1987
Jeremy Stone regarding I.F. Stone 2001-2008
I.F. Stone Mentions 2007, undated
I.F. Stone’s Weekly: The Movie 1973-1975
Izzy: A Biography of I.F. Stone excerpt undated
Louis Feinstein autobiography undated
Obituaries 1989
Photographs 1971-1985
Probate Documents 1940-1989
Sakharov Statement 1980
Speaking Events 1970-1984
Stock Certificates
Transcripts and Interviews 1968-1981
Beta Tapes:
- Documentary Showcase 9/82 “I.F. Stone”
- The Dick Cavett Show 9/82 “I.F. Stone”
- Izzy Picture from Myra's Cover
- I.F. Stone Website Pictures of I.F. Stone
- The Legacy of I.F. Stone Part One and Two
- The News Hour with Jim Lehrer 2008

Box 2:
- World News Tonight 1/99 “Life in the 21st Century”
- Chris Lynden on I.F. Stone
- Thomas Hearing 10/91
- McNeal Lehrer News Hour
- A Bit of Izzy on Sunday Morning (Charles Kuralt) CBS 1989
- I.F. Stone's Weekly
7” Reel-to-reel: Crisis in Confidence 10/17/73 University of Delaware
5” Reel-to-reel: unlabeled
- 8 unlabeled
- IF Stone II
- IF Stone at National Press Club
- 1978 University of California “Is Jefferson Alive in the Modern World” (2 copies)
- Birmingham Temple 6/4/79
- IF Stone @ UCSC
- 1/28/81 Stevenson Fireside Lounge
- IF Stone @ UCSC "How to Find Out What They Don't Want You to Know" 1/28/81
- UCSC "A Recycled Freshman in Ancient Athens" 1/29/81
- IF Stone @ UCSC 2/3/81
- Ford Hall Forum 4/10/83
- City Arts and Lectures San Francisco FNE Presents IF Stone 1/26/84
- Revisiting the Trial of Socrates, 1984 University of California (3 tapes)
- American Political Science Association 8/31/84