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Biographical Note
Jeremy J. Stone was born in 1935. He is the son of journalist I.F. Stone and grew up in Washington DC, France, and New York City, where he graduated from high school. Stone began college at MIT but transferred to Swarthmore after one year. He studied mathematics and graduated with honors in 1957. After graduation Stone married his wife, B.J., and they both went to Stanford to pursue PhDs in mathematics. After finishing his PhD in 1960, Stone worked for the Stanford Research Institute for two years after which his interests turned to war and peace and he moved first to the Hudson Institute and then to the Harvard Center for International Affairs. Stone returned to mathematics briefly in the beginning of 1966 when he served on the faculty of Pomona College. He studied economics at Stanford University in 1968 and 1969.

In 1970 Stone became the CEO of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), a post he held for 30 years. The FAS began as the Federation of Atomic Scientists and was started in 1945 by scientists associated with the Manhattan Project. Stone’s presidency focused on building membership and the endowment while working on issues such as the arms race, human rights, peace keeping, energy conservation and other “science-and-society” issues. During this time Stone also published about two hundred and fifty issues of the FAS newsletter many of which he wrote himself and testified twenty-five times before Congress on a variety of issues. He also wrote newspaper editorials and articles and academic journal articles. In 1995 Stone published his memoirs, entitled “Every Man Should Try:” Adventures of a Public Interest Activist. In 2000 Stone left FAS and began his own non-profit called Catalytic Diplomacy. Here he continued his work on war and peace issues. Stone published an online book, titled Catalytic Diplomacy: Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, detailing his activities between 1999 and 2006.

Stone has received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from his alma mater Swarthmore, the Science and Society Award of the Forum on Physics and Society of the American Physics Society, and the Public Service Award from the FAS.

Scope and Content Note
This collection documents Jeremy J. Stone’s work as a “public interest activist” for both the FAS and his own firm, Catalytic Diplomacy, as well as his contributions to the field of mathematics through articles, books, correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, photographs, publications, reports, speeches, testimony, and weekly planners. This collection covers the period from 1946 through 2004 and contains materials in Arabic, Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, and Russian.
Topics covered include: Cambodia, the CIA, China-Taiwan relations, Kosovo, North Korea, nuclear testing and treaties, and scientific responsibility. Of note are materials relating to Stone’s service as President of FAS, correspondence with Andrei Sakharov, files relating to government surveillance of FAS, and information on Stone’s extensive travels including a trip to Moscow in 1966 and multiple visits to Iran in the late 1990s.

This collection was donated to American University Archives by Jeremy J. Stone in 2009 and 2016.

Processing Note
This collection was divided into seven series. Stone’s original folder titles were retained in series 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6.

Series Descriptions and Box & Folder Listing

Series 1 – Every Man Should Try (1970-1996)
7 linear feet

This series contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, photographs, and publications Stone consulted while writing his book, Every Man Should Try, as well as drafts of the book. Stone’s first book discusses his activism during his presidency of FAS. Topics covered include: Cambodia, the CIA, China, Kosovo, North Korea, nuclear testing and treaties, and scientific responsibility. Of note are materials documenting Stone’s support of Andre Sakharov. Materials are arranged thematically and ordered to follow the chapter sequence of the book.

Box 1
2. Harvard and first trip to Moscow
Hudson and ABM
3. Academia, Moscow & Washington
4. Life in Establish, Council on
Life in Establishment: CFR [Council on Foreign Relations]
5. CIA Mail Opening
CIA Covert Ops
6. Sparking Congressional Testimony
6. Initiating Congressional Testimony
7. R&D Gap Report Indices
8. Amchitka Nuclear Test
9. Novel Approach to Nuclear
9. New Approach to First Use
18. Colby Connection
Colby-Stone Poll
10. Executive Privilege Idea
11. Dining with Chou En Lai
12. Working for Morality
13. Life at FAS: 1970-1975 (2 folders)
Benjamin H. Read Congressional Travel
Congressional Travel (3 folders)
28. Congressional Travel
Western Perceptions

Box 2
Letter from Sakharov
Sakharov Originals
Sakharov: NAS [National Academy of Sciences] and Moscow
Sakharov: Dobryinin Press
Sakharov: Gift to Kennedy
Sakharov Finland 1st Hunger Strike
Sakharov Chapter 13a materials used
June 11, 1984 NAS Dispute
NAS Dispute
Handler and Nuclear War
Sakharov Poll
Horowitz Angle, Kennedy 13b
Sakharov in Time Magazine
To Sakharov from JJS
Press clippings on Sakharov hunger strike
84 Hunger Strike
Group Clippings
May 1985
Sakharov hunger strike begun on 11/22/1981
Press conference at FAS on Sakharov’s exile to Gorky 2/26/1980
Sakharov Duplicates
85 Hunger Strike
March 1985
June 1985
Freedom FA[S] Soviet Secrets [Scientists] 1973-1974
14. Defense of Sakharov: NAS & Mos[cow]
B-1 Bomber
Sonic Booms and Earthquakes
Council Responses on Seignious Opposition
Robotyped Letters on Seignious
General Seignious
Seignious Responses
Testimony: Seignious
Civilian Control of ACDA [Arms Control and Disarmament Agency]
Eskimos Induce Animal Welfare
Reagan and Astrology

Box 3
SALT II Flap (3 folders)
Senate Amendments to SALT
Armed Services Committee-Shrinking SALT II and its sublimits
SALT: The NY Times Scoville-Holdren Letters/Spon. And Council Response
SALT Responses
Responses to Arms Race Inquiry
Build Down
21. Libya Admits False Adherence
Libya Admits FV1se
23. H-Bomb Secret
H-Bomb Secret
24. SALT II Flap
Helping Gorbachev
26. Nuclear Build down and freeze
27. START Finesse
Stop Where We Are Proposal
The Freeze 1980-1982
START: Sakharov Finesse
Loose clippings and correspondence
FAS: 1975-1985
CIA-KGB Connection
30: CIA-KGB Connection
Bombing of Cambodia 1971-1973
Bombing of Hanoi
Cambodian Famine 1979
Cambodia: Stopping Lethal Aid
Cambodia 1990
Trip File: Cambodia

Box 4
Hor Namhomg
Cambodia: 1991
Vietnam: Nguyen Co Thach
Draft 29 (2 folders)
31-33 Cambodia
Cambodia: Hosting Hun Sen
State Department Correspondence
Cooperation with the Khmer Rouge
Military Cooperation
Pol Pot and the State Department
North Korea Trip File 1989
34: North Korea
34: North Korea Emissary
Hwang Jang Yop’s Visit
Schwebel First Use
No First Use at World Court
World Court
First Use of Nuclear Weapons (2 folders)
Peru Charter, Material before 1992
Peru 1992
Admiral Scandal
Opposition to Sendero Luminoso
35. Mobilizing Opp in Peru
Zero-Ballistic Missiles
36. Zero-Ballistic Missiles
37. Yugoslavia: Renting of Kosovo
Kosovo Rent Release 1993

Box 5
38. FAS: 1985-1996
38: Defending Atomic Scientists
Defending Atomic Scientists
39. Urging No-First-Use on World
Scientific Responsibility
Scientists and Social Responsibility: June 10 Letters and Responses
Responses to Dec. PIR [Public Interest Report] (Scientific Responsibility)
Science Policy OST-PSAC [Office of Science & Technology-President’s Science Advisory Committee]
Security Bill 70-76
Reunification of China (2 folders)
40. Reunification of China
41. FAS: 1985-1996
42: Temporal Inertia
42: Energy Policy Failure
42: Temporal Inertia and Society
FAS Materials
Overall Book Comment
Letters regarding “Every Man Should Try”
Notes for “Every Man Should Try”
Peregrinations: Adventures of a Public Interest Activist Draft (2 folders)
 -Draft Chapters 1-22
 -Draft Chapters 23-28
 -Draft Chapters 29-41

Series 2 – Catalytic Diplomacy (1991-2007)
2 linear feet

This series consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, photographs, publications which Stone consulted while writing his second memoir, Catalytic Diplomacy, and materials from relevant trips. Topics covered include China-Taiwan relations, Iran, North Korea, and Russia. This series is arranged thematically, in the order of the book.

Box 5 (continued)
Russia 1991 Background Chapter
"Truncate the Sword," 1999
Chapters 2 & 3 Russia (2 folders)
Trying Again (2 inserts)
Clinton-Putin Deal
Mothballing ABM
Section 1-Russia Chapter 3a-Civil Society
Russian Civil Society
Jujitsu Chapter
11) Russia Feb 4-10, 2001
14) Russia Sept 8-17, 2001
Russia March 2003
Russia Chapters 2,3,4,5 Appendices

Box 6
Russia #30
Trip #40
Russia Chapter Review
Important add to Russia chapter
China Trip 1996
Chapter IV 1999-May 2000
Finger in Dike
Chapter IV Appendix for Hyper LIKI
1) Taiwan (October 21-30 1999)
2) China (November 26-December 5, 1999)
3) Taiwan (January 7-14 2000)
Used-Trip 4 & 5 Taiwan
Background Trip 4 & 5 Taiwan & China
China #5 used
Misleading Washington Post article on Stone causes trouble in Taipei & Beijing
Chapter V Sept. 2000-June 2002
Taiwan #8 used
Taiwan #8 not used
9) Taiwan Nov. 30-Dec. 3, 2000; 10) China Dec. 4-8, 2000
12) Taiwan, May 9-15, 2001; 13) China, May 16-23, 2001
18 Months of Brainstorming Appendices
Chapter VI July 2002-July 2004
Opposing Separation First Part
South Korea 22 China 23 January 2003
Taiwan 26, South Korea 27, China 28 October 2003
China Trip #31
Chapter VII Nuclear
Blowing the Whistle
[Photo] Inserts-Next Round [chapter] not needed
North Korea
North Korea (see III)
North Korea Appendices 8,9,10
Tokyo September 2003
Iran Background
Iran 2000-2007
Iran-AEC Meeting [Atomic Energy Commission]
Iran Election
Iran-Fatwa Chapters
War Powers
Iran Materials 2006-2007
Review for Book
Every Man Should Try [email from Li Mingde]
FAS Wall Hangings
Loose Materials [funding proposal, correspondence]

Series 3 – Writings (1953-1999)
2 linear feet

This series contains materials written by Jeremy J. Stone including academic papers, magazine, journal and newspaper articles, and books. Topics covered include arms control, Cambodia, mathematics, and Vietnam. This series is arranged in chronological order.

Box 7
MIT Voo Doo Magazine, 1953-1954
Senior Thesis: Two-Person Non-Zero-Sum Games, 1957
Publications from the Rand Corporation, 1958
Journal articles re: Poker, 1958-1960
PhD Thesis: Exponential Polynomials on Commutative Semigroups, 1960
Multiple Burst Error Correction, 1962
An Arms Control Proposal Related to Cuba, 1962
First Strike Talk at Hudson, 1963
Proposals and Studies from Hudson Institute, 1963
Arms Control and Civil Defense, 1963
Anti-Ballistic Missiles and Arms Control, 1963
Papers re: Disarmament, 1964
Papers re: ABM and Disarmament, 1965
Containing the Arms Race, 1966
Vietnam: Ought We Continue, 1966
Magazine & Newspaper Articles, January-June 1966
Magazine & Newspaper Articles, 1967
Strategic Persuasion, 1967
Articles & Drafts, January-October, 1968
Articles & Drafts, November-December 1968
ABM: An Evaluation, 1969
Magazine & Newspaper Articles, 1969
American Militarism, 1970
Magazine & Newspaper Articles, 1970
On the R&D Gap in Ripon Forum, 1971
Newspaper Articles, 1973
FAS Advice to Societies in Bioscience, 1976
Magazine & Newspaper Articles, 1978
Newspaper & Journal Articles, 1979

Box 8
Newspaper & Journal Articles, 1984
Newspaper articles re: Cambodia, 1989
Drafts- Cambodia Articles, 1989
First Use of Nuclear Weapons 1976
Articles re: Cambodia, 1990
Newspaper Articles, 1991
Newspaper Articles, 1993
Newspaper Articles re: Nuclear Weapons, 1995
Newspaper Articles re: World Court, 1996
“Every Man Should Try”, 1999

Series 4 – The Federation of American Scientists (1946-2004)
1.5 linear feet

This series documents Jeremy Stone’s work as President of the Federation of American Scientists through correspondence, financial records, fundraising materials, newspaper clippings, publications, and promotional materials. There is some overlap near the end of the series with projects undertaken at Catalytic Diplomacy. Of note are files relating to government surveillance of FAS and Pavel Sudoplatov’s memoir. Folders are arranged chronologically, except for the master set of FAS newsletters, which were all placed at the end of the series.

Box 8 (continued) 
Income Taxes, 1946-1956
FOIA Requests Regarding Government Surveillance of FAS, 1968-1977
[Joseph] Alsop File (2 folders), 1971
Press Releases, 1973-1979
Senate Committees—Procedure Campaign, 1974
Purchase of New Property, 1974-1978
Fundraising & Membership Drives, 1974-1981
“FAS Raises its Voice” in Physics Today, 1975
Mailing to the National Academy, 1975
Promotional Material, 1975-1976
Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1975-1982
Brief from USA vs. The Progressive, et al, 1979
Stones comments of SALT III & U.S. Soviet Relations, 1980
Press Releases, 1980-1983
A Preliminary Analysis of Percentage Annual Reductions to 50% of SALT II Limits and Beyond, 1985
Press Releases, 1990-1995
John Pike, 1993-1997
[Pavel] Sudoplatov II, 1994
Responses to Sudoplatov II, 1994
Fundraising Campaign, 1994-1995
Message to Council—Annual Meeting, 1994-1999
Memo on meeting with Iranians in Vienna, 1995
Atomic Scientists Appeal, 1995
World Court Brief, 1995
Bethe Press Releases, 1997
Iranian Students in Canada, 1998
Materials re: Disarmament, 1998-1999
Dr. Mohammad Larijani, 1999
Correspondence re: Iran, 2000-2004
Iran--Library of Congress Exchange, 2002
Patent application for a website designed to catalyze more charitable giving, 2002
Messages to Billington, 2004

Box 9
Library of Congress report on Iran, 2004
Master Set of Newsletters, 1970-1974
Master Set of Newsletters, 1975-1984
Master Set of Newsletters, 1985-1987
Master Set of Newsletters, 1989-1990

Series 5 – Trip Files (1966-2006)
1 linear foot

This series includes correspondence, travel paperwork, newspaper clippings, business cards, and photographs related to Jeremy J. Stone’s unofficial diplomatic visits. Many of these trips are discussed in either “Every Man Should Try” or Catalytic Diplomacy. Of note are an early trip to Moscow in 1966 and repeated visits to Iran in the late 1990s. Files are arranged alphabetically by location, and then chronologically if there is more than one folder per location.

Box 9 (continued)  
Australia, 1998
Burma, 2005
Business Cards, Domestic Contacts
Cambodia/Vietnam, 2/7/1989
Cambodia Trip File, 1991
Cambodia: Roosevelt and Jews
Cambodia Business Cards, undated
China Trip and Newsletter, 1998
China, Taiwan and Russia, 2000-2001
China, 2004-2005 See Also: Taiwan
China Business Cards, undated
Iran, 1995-1997
Iran, 1998 (2 folders)
Iran Background Visit, 1998
Iran, 1999
Iran and Russia, 2000
Iran, Jordan, and Israel, 2002 (2 folders)
Iran - Billington, 2003-2004
Iran - Russia, 2006
Iran Business Cards, undated
Japan, 2003
Japan Business Cards, undated

Box 10
Kosovo, 1993
Kosovo, 1998
Moscow Trip, 1966
North Korea, 1991
North Korea Business Cards, undated
Ping-Pong, 1995
Ping-Pong Scientific Exchange, 1998-1999
Ping-Pong Aborted Visit, 2005
Russia, 2001-2005
Russia Business Cards, undated
South Korea, 2003
Taipei, Seoul, and Beijing, 2003
Taiwan, 1997-2005 (2 folders)
Taiwan and China, 2000-2002
Taiwan Business Cards, undated
Yugoslavia, 1998

Series 6 – Personal (1949-2005)
2 linear feet

This series relates to Stone’s life outside of FAS and contains academic studies, congressional testimony, grades, passports, personal correspondence, security clearance, speeches, transcripts, and weekly planners. Also included are letters from prominent people which were separated out by Stone. Of particular interest in this series is Stone’s correspondence with Andrei Sakharov. The materials are arranged thematically and ordered chronologically, except for correspondence, pocket calendars, valuable letters, and the weekly planners which were placed at the end.

Box 10 (continued)
Grades: Elementary through College, 1949-1957
Three Dimensional Chess, 1953
Passports and Travel Documents, 1955-1967
Message to Social Science Research Council, 1956
Marriage License, 1957
Vote Data Study, 1957
Cross-Section Method, 1958
Security Clearance (3 folders), 1958-1962
Mathematics Research at Stanford Research Institute, 1960-1962
Ninth Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs, 1962
Hudson Institute, 1962-1964
Hudson Institute Talk Opposing Herman Kahn’s Idea of “Not Incredible First Strike,” 1963
Talk: Not Incredible First Strike, 1963
First Duty Study Group Meeting and Related Materials, 1964
Containing the Arms Race: Letters, 1965-1966
Russian Translation, 1966

Box 11
American Express, 1967
Kruschev’s Daughter, 1969
Yevtushenko Poem, 1969-1970
Khesahm, 1970
Nixon’s Blacklist, 1971
Testimony before Committee on Foreign Relations, 1972
Security Clearance and CIA & Noel Case, 1975-1976
Testimony before the Subcommittee on Arms Control, Oceans, and International Relations, 1977
Animal Welfare Institute, 1977-1978
Correspondence with Sakharov, 1980-1990
ABM/Reagan’s Speech, 1983
Testimony on H.R. 3073 the so-called “People’s Protection Act,” 1983
Carl Sagan, 1983-1989
Swarthmore Honorary Degree, 1985
Nuclear Winter Hearing, 1985
Defense of I.F. Stone 1992 Charges
Heisenberg: Complaints and Bohr, 1994
Biographical Information, 1995-1999
Kondratiov Cycles, 1998
Book Translation License-Farsi, 2000
Buttons, 2001-2005
SARS-Handshaking, 2003
Stone’s Remarks at the Sakharov Museum, 2004
Russian Review of Foreign Policy article
Proposals for Moscow Forum
Fictional Portrayals of Jeremy Stone
Imperial Russian medallion
Curriculum Vitae
Pocket Calendars, 1987-2015
Weekly Planners, 1970-1999
Correspondence, 1957-1985
Correspondence, 1987-2004
Autographed letters from FAS files, 1972-1999
Valuable Letters, 1975-1999

Series 7 – Audiovisual (1989-1995)
1 linear foot

This series is separated into two subseries: photographs and VHS tapes. The photographs are largely undated and are arranged alphabetically by topic. Many correspond to topics discussed in either “Every Man Should Try” or Catalytic Diplomacy. The tapes document Stone’s TV appearances and FAS events and are in chronological order with undated tapes at the end.

Box 11 (continued)
 Press Conference at Foreign Policy Magazine
 Cambodia: Lethal Aid to a Khmer Rouge Coalition
 Cambodia plus Madame Bihn

Box 12
Photographs (continued)
 Catalytic Diplomacy, Section I, Russia, Chapter 1
 Catalytic Diplomacy, Section I, Russia, Chapter 2
 Catalytic Diplomacy, Section I, Russia, Chapter 3
 Catalytic Diplomacy, Section I, Russia, Chapter 5
 Catalytic Diplomacy, Section II, China, Chapter 1
 Catalytic Diplomacy, Section II, China, Chapter 2 & 3
 Catalytic Diplomacy, Section III, North Korea, Chapters 1 & 2
 Catalytic Diplomacy, Section IV Iran, Chapters 1 & 2
 Enlarged Photos
 FAS Members
 Hiroshima 50th Anniversary
 Hun Sen’s Visit to Washington
 JJS Visit to Vietnam
 Nguyen Van Hieu’s Visit to Washington
 North Korea
 Pictures with Captions
 Russia (2 folders)
 Unlabeled Photographs
Audio Cassettes
 JJS Talk to American Council on World Freedom SALT
 JJS May 1978 Talk on Arms Race at Berkeley
 Today Show Jeremy Stone Dub, Dec 11, 1989
 CSPAN Viewer Call-In Program: Jeremy Stone, Feb 13, 1990
 CSPAN Viewer Call-In Program, May 31, 1990
 FAS Hearing: Authorizing Force: Who Decides? Jan 7, 1991
 Brookhaven National Lab, Dec 3, 1994
 FAS Dinner at Capital and unveiling of PL, Dec 13, 1994
 Jeremy Stone Delong
 Jay on Cambodia
 Jeremy on Russia
 Funetupec(?) Tape, Captured by Government