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Filming on Campus Advice from Professor Russell Williams

To: Filmmakers, still photographers, and videographers

From: Russell Williams II, Academy Award winner for Glory and Dances with Wolves and artist in residence at AU

Re: Filming and photographing at American University

As an Academy Award winner, I highly recommend that you consider working with American University and using its great location in Northwest Washington, D.C., for future shoots. American University has a beautiful campus, complete with a landscaped quadrangle and buildings with classic and modern architectural styles. The campus, in fact, is a designated arborteum and public garden. Because of my background, I am also very familiar with the DC Film Commission and its requirements for filming in the nation's capital. I would be glad to discuss with you the numerous benefits of working with AU.

AU has developed guidelines, based on standard filming guidelines of other universities, to simplify obtaining permission to film and photograph on campus. AU's University Communications office is responsible for all arrangements pertaining to filming and photographing on campus, including processing the permit and supervising the shoot. University Communications can be reached at or 202-885-5950.

Hope to see you on campus soon!