NEW INCOMING STUDENTS Online Photo Submission for the upcoming Academic Year will end on July 31st. Please ensure that your Photos are submitted to ensure production of your One Card by Welcome Week 2018

What can I do with my AU One Card?

From dining to entertainment, your One Card provides a wide range of features. Eating on and off campus is easy when you have a meal plan, EagleBucks, and Dining Dollars on your One Card. EagleBucks are accepted at over 50 on-campus and off-campus locations, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

You will need your One Card to check out books at Bender Library, print papers, and make copies. Be sure to keep your One Card handy when you enter your residence hall or head to Jacob's Fitness Center. For national and local discounts on travel, retail, and food, visit Student Advantage to register and join the many other students, staff, and faculty who enjoy discounts on many brands nationwide.

Get a One Card

American University (AU) One Cards (University ID Card) may only be issued in person for individuals other than online students or alumni.

You may receive your One Card once you are granted a status as:

  • a student
  • staff
  • or faculty member by your academic program or Human Resources

At time of issuance, all new cardholders must present one of the following forms of photo identification:

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Government Issued Photo Identification

Only one (1) One Card can be issued at one time. Individuals who have dual designations, i.e. staff and student will be issued a One Card based on their primary status or University designation.

By taking or submitting a photo for your University ID Card, you hereby give permission to American University ("University") to use your name and image, visual likeness, portrait, or photograph taken of you during your affiliation with American University, without compensation, in all forms and media (including but not limited to publications, websites, catalogues, brochures, books, magazines, photo exhibits, motion picture films, and/or video) for any promotional, marketing, or any other purpose which the University deems fit in the interest of education, knowledge, research, marketing, advertising, or public relations.

For detailed instructions for online photo submissions found below

One Card & Dining Services

Mary Graydon Center 123
202-885-CARD (2273)

Office Hours:
MON - THU: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
FRI: 11:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
SAT: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. **
SUN: closed

**Academic Year only (Saturday hours end at 3:00pm May 12, 2018)

New students may submit their photo online before arriving on campus or have their photo taken in the One Card & Dining Services office.

Students are strongly encouraged to submit their photo online, ahead of respective deadlines, to avoid the long lines associated with move-in.

Save the dates:

  • Fall semester online photo submission deadline is July 31
  • Spring semester online photo submission deadline is December 11

If your photo is not approved you will receive a notification to resubmit, or you may come into the One Card & Dining Services office to have your photo taken.

Incoming undergraduates participating in Eagle Summit will also have an opportunity to have their photos taken during Eagle Summit.

New staff members will receive their One Card during their New Hire Orientation. 

Staff may also receive a One Card before New Hire Orientation once granted a status of current staff by Human Resources. 

Their supervisor must request their access clearances by contacting University Police at

New faculty may receive a One Card once granted status as a current faculty member. New adjunct faculty members may have their photo taken by the One Card & Dining Services office during their orientation. 

Their supervisor must request their access clearances by contacting University Police at

Alumni One Card

Alumni are eligible for an Alumni One Card that grants:

  • lifetime borrowing privileges in Bender Library
  • a 10% discount at the Campus Store
  • Career Services
  • the Alumni Audit Program
  • and much more!

Alumni One Cards do not include access to buildings.

Alumni One Cards are free to all alumni who have completed a degree or non-degree program. Replacements for lost or stolen cards, however, follow our replacement guidelines and incur a fee of $20 to be paid by cash or credit.

Alumni residing outside of the District of Columbia are eligible for an Alumni One Card to be mailed to your current mailing address free of charge. Please note that we can only mail cards within the continental United States. To request your card, please contact us at and include the following information:

  1. Your legal first and last names
  2. AU ID number
  3. Date of birth
  4. Graduating class year
  5. Current mailing address
  6. A photo of you taken in the last year that meets our requirements

Contractors may receive a One Card only at the request of an authorizing AU employee. The AU employee must be the University point of contact for the contractor's company. The AU employee must email from their AU email account and include the following information:

  1. The contractor's legal first and last names
  2. The contractor's company name
  3. The contracts expiration date, which will serve as the card's expiration date

All building access requests must be sent to the University Police at by the authorizing AU employee.

Guests and unpaid interns not currently affiliated with the University may receive a One Card only at the request of an authorizing AU staff or Faculty Member. The AU staff or faculty member must be the guest or intern's supervisor. The supervisor must email from their AU email account and include the following information:

  1. The cardholder's legal first and last names
  2. The cardholder's department and position title
  3. The cardholder's intended guest/intern expiration date

All building access requests must be sent to University Police at by the intern or guest's supervisor.

Departments wanting to schedule production of One Cards for new student, staff, or faculty orientations must submit their request to at least 10 business days before the event. Submitting a request does not guarantee production of One Cards. Please choose from one of the following options:

  1. (Preferred) Pre-Production of One Cards: The department or cardholders will email photos meeting photo submission guidelines to or upload them on the myAU Portal.
  2. Card Production in the One Card & Dining Services office: An in-office appointment for fewer than 30 people at once. You must submit the cardholders' legal names, AU ID numbers, and date of card expiration.

One Card Online Photo Submission

All American University students, staff, and faculty may upload a photo on the One Card Photo Submission page on their myAU Portal.

Needs solid colored background.Cannot obstruct head, exception of religious coverings. Must be at least 300x375 pixels. Must be smaller than 2mb. Must be in color.

Photo Requirements

  • Do use a light, solid color background
  • Do submit a color photo
  • Do submit a photo that is at least 300 x 375 pixels
  • Don't include personal belongings, other people, pets, silly faces, or hands
  • Don't look away from the camera or obscure a front view of your full face and shoulders
  • Don't wear sunglasses or hats (exception of religious head coverings)

Uploading Your Photo

Please upload your photo on your myAU Portal.

In preparation for the upcoming Academic Year, incoming students should prepare to submit photos online submitted by :

  • July 31 (Fall semester), 
  • December 11 (Spring semester).
Online photo submissions will continue to be received on a rolling basis after peak periods following the above deadlines.

Please follow these steps to submit your One Card photo:

  1. Visit the One Card Photo Submission page on your myAU Portal. You will need to log in using your AU credentials.
  2. Alternatively, log onto your myAU Portal using your AU credentials.
  3. Navigate to Personalized Links, Life@AU, One Card Photo Submission.
  4. Click "One Card Photo Submission."
  5. Follow the instructions to upload your photo.
  6. Submit by July 31 (Fall Semester) and December 11 (Spring Semester) to avoid the lines during move-in and Welcome Week!

If you receive errors uploading your photo, contact the IT Help Desk for 24/7 support at 202-885-2550.


Incoming students should prepare to submit a photo to avoid long lines and wait times during University opening in August. The deadline for online photo submissions in July 31. The deadline for online photo submissions for spring semester is December 11.

  • New residential students can take a photo during Eagle Summit if unable to upload a photo. Your One Card will be available at your residence hall front desk when you move in during Welcome Week.
  • Graduate, Law School, and online students are encouraged to upload a One Card photo. One Cards may be distributed by your Academic Advisors during orientation sessions or picked up at the One Card office.

Please note that the One Card Office will be in peak operation during preparation for the academic year (May-August) and at the start of the academic year (August-September).

You should anticipate at minimum 4-5 business days for processing of a new One Card photo submission, and more during peak operation periods.