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Temporary Medical Leave Guide

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American University understands that students may experience medical or mental health complications while in college. Sometimes these complications significantly interfere with a student's ability to go to class, complete school work, and participate in campus life.

In these situations, it may be in the student's best interest to take a temporary medical leave.

This guide serves as a resource for students who have decided to take or are contemplating taking a temporary medical leave. During a student's time on a temporary medical leave, we hope that the time is used to address the medical issues and to consider what supports should be in place to facilitate personal and academic success upon return.

Please note that American University includes mental health concerns under the umbrella of the temporary medical leave.

The temporary medical leave and other applicable policies are dictated by the academic regulations. Students are advised to read these closely. Please note that taking a temporary medical leave is not the only option for taking a break from coursework. Students should consult with their academic advisor to discuss all options.

Taking a temporary medical leave

The following page goes over the steps necessary to take a temporary medical leave.

Necessary steps

Using time effectively on a temporary medical leave

The following page goes over effective strategies for using your time while temporarily on medical leave.

Effective strategies

Returning from a temporary medical leave

The following page discusses what to expect when returning from a temporary medical leave.

Returning from leave

Key Contacts For Supporting Your Temporary Medical Leave

Throughout the temporary medical leave process, supports are available to students and families. It is our goal that students return to American University following a leave ready to succeed academically and personally. Below is a list of links for some key resources: