Change of Education Level

This information is for those individuals who are changing from one level of study to another at American University (i.e. Bachelor's to Master's degree, Master's to Doctoral degree).

Steps to Change Education Level

Present the items together in the order given. Keep a photocopy of each item for your records.

  1. Gain acceptance to an academic program that is a different level from your current program (i.e. Master's to Doctoral).
  2. Submit a complete CFIS Form and proof of financial support (bank statement, scholarship letter, affidavit of support, etc.) to your admissions unit.
    *If you are changing level from an International Accelerator Program, you will submit the above documentation to ISSS directly.
  3. Your admissions unit will submit an official request to ISSS to issue a new I-20.

ISSS will issue an I-20 with a new level of study up to two weeks but no more than 60 days after your current program completion.

After you register full-time for classes, please complete the required Immigration Registration e-forms on iEagle. Please note that the change of level process is not complete until you have submitted these e-forms.