Transfer Out from American Universtiy

Current AU students who have been admitted to another school in the United States may request to have their immigration status (SEVIS record) transferred out from AU to the new school.

For currently enrolled students (not graduating), transfers can be processed at the end of an academic term or before a new term begins. Transfers in the middle of an academic term are not possible (with rare exceptions).

For graduating students (students in their final academic term), transfers can be processed during the 60-day grace period (F-1) or 30-day grace period (J-1) after program completion.

For students on active Post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT), active Post-completion Academic Training (AT), or active STEM OPT Extension, transfers can be processed at any time, including during the 60-day grace period after finishing OPT or the 30-day grace period after finishing AT.

⚠Students who transfer during their OPT or AT are required to stop employment at least a day before their selected transfer-out (SEVIS release) date. Their OPT or AT will automatically end in the immigration system on their transfer out (SEVIS release) date.

The new academic program at the new school must start within 5 months of either:

  1. the end of your academic term at AU (currently enrolled students),
  2. your program completion date (graduating students), or
  3. your OPT or AT end date.

Steps to Request Transfer Out

  1. Receive your admission's letter from the new school.
  2. Contact the new school to collect the following required information:
    • The new school’s “transfer-in” form to be filled out by AU (if applicable). Please note that not all schools make use of a “transfer-in” form. Additionally, some schools use electronic “transfer-in” forms. Electronic “transfer-in” forms should be emailed to
    • The new school’s “SEVIS school code” in which your immigration record can be transferred to.
    • If your new school has multiple campuses, the name of the campus in which your immigration record can be transferred out.
  3. Decide on your transfer out (SEVIS release) date.
    • Confirm with the new school if your desired transfer out (SEVIS release) date is acceptable for them. You should ensure the new school has enough time to create your new I-20/DS-2019 prior to the start of your new academic program.
    • If you have plans to travel abroad after transferring out, you must re-enter to the U.S. using your new school’s I-20.
  4. Submit your transfer out request through iEagle. Click on “Current Student” > “SEVIS Transfer-Out Request” and fill out the e-form.
  5. For currently enrolled (not graduating) students only: the transfer of your immigration status (SEVIS record) to the new school will not automatically end your academic status at AU. You must inform your academic advisor of your decision to transfer out and to submit all required university forms to formally end your academic status at AU. Tuition and fee balances will continue to accrue unless you formally end your academic status with AU.
    • Graduating students: your degree will be posted by the Registrar’s office after completing your academic program.