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The Kay Spiritual Life Center is American University's interfaith center and home to two dozen religious communities.

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Our communities of faith and the chaplains who serve them are ready to help you reflect, find comfort, learn, and grow. Learn about the rich spiritual diversity you can find in Kay.

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First Wednesdays in the Chapel

Reflection: Beginnings and Endings

I’ve been to my share of graduations in my own academic career and in working on this campus for nearly nineteen years now. And I’ve noticed a few things in that time. One of the things I’ve noticed the most around this time of year has to do with what we even call the thing that we’re doing. I have never heard a university, college, or institution of higher learning refer to this weekend’s festivities as anything other than commencement. From high school to college to grad school to law school to seminary every single conferral of degrees as a commencement.


Attendees at the Kay 50th Celebration

Events in Kay

Learn about the many events we have in Kay — including speaker series, table talks, service projects, and interfaith programs. 

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A week of service and reflection in Cherokee

Cherokee Spring Break

The Office of the University Chaplain leads a spring break trip to the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation in North Carolina.

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Adeel Zeb gives the 2017 Poynter lecture in the Kay Chapel

The Poynter Lecture

Our annual lecture series brings a lecturer who exemplifies the highest ideals of compassion and justice for a world in need.

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Student Religious Accommodations

On occasion, religious observance necessitates an accommodation for students pertaining to academic, housing, or food related purposes. If you have a need for such a religious accommodation, you can submit a request through Kay.

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Our Methodist Values

How does AU today reflect the Methodist values with which we were founded?

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