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This page provides information regarding the Eaglebucks Program at American University, including program details, how to view balances, make deposits and where Eaglebucks transactions can be made.

For additional information and questions please contact the office of One Card & Dining Services at 202-885-CARD (2273) or email eaglebucks@american.edu

What are Eaglebucks?

Eaglebucks are a convienent, cashless way to make purchases, using the university issued One Card, both on campus and at many popular off-campus business. Like using a debit card, funds are deducted as pruchases are made.

Eaglebucks can be used both on campus and off campus; Vending machines across campus accept Eaglebucks and Eaglebucks are the only form of payment accepted for on-campus laundry services.


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Off-Campus Eaglebucks Locations

Visit the Eaglebucks page to see up to date information on our Off-Campus Eaglebucks merchants and promotions.

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Eaglebucks FAQ

An Eaglebucks account is automatically added to an eligible AU community member's One Card (some guests or contractors do not have access to Eaglebucks).

Deposits to this account can be made immediately to enjoy the ease of using your Eaglebucks account at participating on and off-campus merchants. View eaglebucks.com to make deposits to Eaglebucks.

Students who are meal plan holders will receive an Eaglebucks allotment based on their meal plan enrollment.

Students, faculty or staff can make immediate deposits online using their MyAU login at eaglebucks.com. Parents or guests of students may use the Guest Deposit module. All you need to know is the student's AUID# and their last name as it appears on their One Card. American University accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Cardholders may verify their One Card debit account balance(s) and meal plan balance(s) online at eaglebucks.com , using their MyAU login.

Eaglebucks can be used both on and off-campus. The most frequent use of Eaglebucks occurs with laundry services within the residence halls and print/copy services after the University allocated print/copy funds have been utilized.

To see a listing of accepted off-campus retail locations please view at website.

Cardholders may verify their One Card debit account balance(s) and meal plan balance(s) online at eaglebucks.com , using their MyAU login.

Eaglebucks balances will carry forward throughout a community members tenure at American University.

Upon the completion of a student's degree, a refund request for any unused Eaglebucks can be made by emailing the office of One Card & Dining Services at eaglebucks@american.edu.

Cash withdrawals for fund in Eaglebucks cannot be made at any time.

Eaglebucks Services

For concerns with vending machines, please submit a service or refund request through this form. Requests for refund are reviewed by Auxiliary Services.

EagleBucks and Dining Dollars are stored on your AU One Card and can be reloaded at any time by visiting EagleBucks.com. You can also view recent transactions and account balances through this website.

  • Laundry Machine Malfunctions: Submit a service request directly to Caldwell & Gregory (we unfortunately are not able to on your behalf) for a technician to address your floor's laundry room as soon as possible.
  • Laundry Service Refunds: If EagleBucks were removed from your account, please email eaglebucks@american.edu. Please note that you will need your Caldwell & Gregory service request number, and will need to provide time date and location of the service. We will process your request in up to 7 business days, following review of the request for refund by Housing.

If your card is lost or stolen, please visit EagleBucks.com to freeze your account* as soon as possible. This action prevents your stored value funds from being used while your card is misplaced. While you can freeze your account online, you must visit the One Card & Dining Services office in Mary Graydon Center or email eaglebucks@american.edu to reactivate your AU One Card.

* Please note that freezing your account will only disable Meal Swipes, Dining Dollars and Eaglebucks funds on your One Card.


  • Replacement Fees for Lost Cards is $20; to be paid by cahs, credit or through a Student Account upon time of replacement.
  • Community members whose One Card photos are more than one (1) year old should anticipate needing to have a new photo captured upon issuance of the replacement One Card.

Transaction Disputes

Return of funds for disputed transactions at retail locations, can first be addressed with a retail location manager.

For further support please contact One Card & Dining Services by submitting the "Request for Refunds" form.

Return of Remaining Eaglebucks Balance

Return of remaining Eaglebucks balances may be granted upon separation from the University or upon completion of degree.

  • Remaining balance return requests cannot be granted for balances less than $5.00.
  • A $5.00 transaction fee will be assessed for Eaglebucks remaining balance requests.

Submit requests for refunds utilizing the JustAsk Form.


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