Campus Labs Engage Platform

Tired of trying to keep track of your favorite student organizations on multiple websites and social media accounts? If so, AU's Center for Student Involvement now offers a one-stop shop to help streamline your connection to student groups. The Engage platform is an online content management system that allows members of the AU community to find student organizations and discover events happening on campus. Simply sign into Engage using your AU Portal username and password, and explore what American University's student organizations are up to! 

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Engage Tutorials

Click the links below to watch short video tutorials designed to teach you the fundamentals of using the Engage platform.

  • Introduction To Engage - This 7-minute tutorial provides a broad overview of the Engage platform. The video covers site navigation, tracking involvement, exploring organizations and events, and managing organizations as a student leader.
  • Searching For Organizations - This 6-minute tutorial teaches you how to sign into Engage and search for clubs and organizations.
  • Searching For Events - This 7-minute tutorial teaches you how to search for events using Engage. 
  • Creating An Event - This 13-minute video teaches student leaders how to create an event using Engage. By creating an event in Engage, you will get your organization's events listed in the university's master calendar, making it easier for members of the campus community to search for and attend your events.
  • Building And Managing Your Organization's Roster - This 11-minute video teaches student leaders how to manage their organization's roster. It specifically focuses on inviting new members, creating new positions and designating access levels.
  • Making a budget request - This 16-minute video provides step-by-step instructions for how to make a budget request using Engage.
  • Making a purchase request - This 10-minute video teaches student leaders how to make a purchase request using Engage. 


Corq is a free app that syncs with the Engage platform. It allows you to browse student organizations and discover and share events. Corq is available for download via the App Store and Google Play.

Engage for Student Leaders

Student organization leaders can use the Engage platform to do the following:

  • Manage rosters
  • Create events
  • House documents
  • Conduct elections
  • Manage finances