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American University Board of Trustees 2019-2020 Student Trustee-Elect Application

How to Apply

To apply for the position of Student Trustee-Elect, please submit two documents by July 8, 2019:

Job Description

The 2019-2020 Student Trustee-Elect will attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees of American University as an observer and will prepare to serve as Student Trustee during the 2021-2021 academic year.

During the second year, the Student Trustee-Elect becomes the Student Trustee and serves as a regular member of the Board of Trustees for purposes of meetings, committee participation, and other general obligations of trusteeship, except for the power to vote.

Board of Trustees meetings are held four times a year: September, November, February and May.

Selection Process

Once applications are received, a four-person student leadership team − the Student Trustee and the presidents of AU Student Government, Graduate Leadership Council, and the Student Bar Association − will select candidates for personal interviews on either July 17, July 18 or July 19, 2019. You must be available on one of those days to be considered. The interview pool ideally will include at least one student from each student government constituency: undergraduate, graduate, and law. In-person interviews are preferred, but Skype interviews can be arranged if necessary.

Student leaders will then submit the name(s) of at least three candidates for consideration to Dr. Fanta Aw, VP of Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence, and the Board of Trustees. The Trusteeship Committee will nominate one candidate to the Board for election as Student Trustee-Elect, pursuant to the approval of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the Methodist Church.

The Student Trustee-Elect’s term begins at the September 2019 Board meeting and concludes at the end of the May 2020 Board meeting. The Student Trustee-Elect will then become Student Trustee, serving a term beginning at the September 2020 Board meeting and concluding at the end of the May 2021 Board meeting.

Here is the timeline for Student Trustee-Elect selection:

  • June 20 – applications open
  • July 8 - applications close
  • July 17-19 - interviews
  • September 12-13 - term begins; first Board of Trustees meeting

Eligibility and Qualifications

Candidates for Student Trustee-Elect must be full-time undergraduates, graduate students or law students who will be eligible to serve for two years.

They are expected to present evidence of exemplary academic achievement and involvement in the American University community.

Because there is only one Student Trustee, the successful candidate must be conversant with issues important to most students at American University, regardless of their programs of study, and will demonstrate a general understanding of how university policies and operations affect student life.

Candidates should be able to accept the responsibilities associated with Board service without negative consequences for their academic achievement.

Graduate and law students who also earned their undergraduate degrees at American University are especially encouraged to apply. Online degree candidates are not eligible.

The Student Trustee-Elect serves a two-year term: the first as an observer and the second as Student Trustee. The Student Trustee-Elect must be eligible to serve both the first and second terms.

Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees exercises its powers of responsibility for the University in the following matters:

  1. elects the President of the University, appoints the Secretary, and approves the appointments of the Provost, Vice Presidents, and deans;
  2. establishes University policies, to be executed by the President;
  3. assists, guides, and evaluates the progress of the University and receives reports from the President in this regard;
  4. elects Board members and officers;
  5. approves full-time and tenured faculty appointments recommended by the President;
  6. confers degrees;
  7. appoints committees it deems necessary;
  8. assists in raising funds to support the University; and
  9. preserves and protects University operations and properties.

- American University Bylaws, Article III, Section 10


The election of any person to the Board [including the Student Trustee-Elect] requires the approval of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of The United Methodist Church.
- American University Bylaws, Article III, Section 3

Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the Board of Trustees Bylaws online at

Thank you for your interest in applying for the position of Student Trustee-Elect

Questions may be directed to:
Sally Acharya
Director of Communications and Special Asst. to the Vice President of Campus Life