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Photograph of Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan Adjunct Professorial Lecturer Department of Justice, Law & Criminology

Additional Positions at AU
Adjunct Professorial Lecturer Department of Justice, Law & Criminology
- MA, Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy
- JD, Northeastern University School of Law
- BA, Providence College

Michael Sullivan is an attorney and international relations professional with extensive experience working in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Vietnam, and Thailand. As an academic, Sullivan specializes in the study of War Crimes Documentation and historical atrocities. His research, initiated during his residency in Ukraine, focuses on the tragic events of the 1919 pogroms in Ukraine and Poland.

Since 2022, Sullivan has been actively engaged in his current role with the ABA ROLI (American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative). His responsibilities encompass providing technical support for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) initiatives and delivering Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) training to international Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) in the Greater Mekong region, with a primary emphasis on Vietnam.

From 2014 to 2021, Sullivan was seconded by the U.S. Department of State to serve in Ukraine with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the world's largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization.

From 2010-2013 he served in Kandahar, Afghanistan, with the U.S. Department of State. He initially founded and directed the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Program's U.S. Rule of Law program and subsequently served as Director of the Rule of Law program for Regional Command South.

Before his overseas assignment in Kandahar, Sullivan worked with the State Department’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program as an international law lecturer, working with foreign delegations, including foreign military intelligence, defense policymakers, and force planners, focusing on applying humanitarian law and human rights instruments in times of crisis.

As a Senior Program Manager with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), Sullivan worked in Baghdad, Iraq, assisting the Iraqi Constitutional Drafting Committee with drafting language for the new Constitution. Following his work on the Iraq Constitution, he managed NDI's Executive Program in Baghdad. Sullivan also served as a human rights reporter for Nobel Peace Prize-winning Physicians for Human Rights in Kosovo during the Racak Massacre. Before that, he worked as a relief worker in refugee camps in Bosnia Herzegovina during the Bosnian War.

In addition to his fieldwork, Sullivan co-edited two legal volumes for the American Bar Association: the 'International Human Rights Law Sourcebook and the 'International Humanitarian Law (Law of Armed Conflict) Sourcebook.
For the Media
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Spring 2024

  • JLC-496 Selected Topics:Non-Recurring: Confronting Atrocities

Partnerships & Affiliations

  • Truman National Security Project
    Defense Council

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Honors, Awards, and Fellowships

Providence College National Alumni Award  --  June 2013

Expeditionary Award -- US Department of State  -- May 2013

NATO Non-Article 5 Medal -- Issued by Secretary General -- May 2013

Superior Honor Award -- US Department of State  --  May 2013

Meritorious Honor Award -- US Department of State  --  June 2012

Franklin Honor Award -- US Department of State  --  May 2011

Salzburg Seminar Fellowship Award  --  June 2003


Selected Publications

The International Human Rights Law Sourcebook, American Bar Association (2014)

The International Humanitarian Law (Law of Armed Conflict) Sourcebook, American Bar Association (2014)