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Olinda Moyd Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence WCL Faculty

Olinda Moyd
WCL | General Academics & Research
Yuma Building Y256

Olinda Moyd is a Distinguished Professor in Residence and Director of the Re-Entry Clinic.  She was previously an Adjunct Professor and Supervising Attorney for the Re-Entry Clinic at the Howard University, School of Law.  Prior to joining the Howard Law faculty, Professor Moyd was Chief Attorney of the Parole Division at the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia, where she was employed for three decades.

During her tenure, Professor Moyd provided direct representation to numerous individuals, both at administrative hearings and at proceedings in D.C. Superior Court and the United States District Court.  As Division Chief, she supervised staff, including a team of attorneys, legal assistants, investigators and numerous law clerks.  In addition, she oversaw the summer law clerk program and conducted skills training seminars for the CJA Bar, the DC Bar Association, the judiciary and local law firms.

Professor Moyd has a passion for expanding legal education through clinical pedagogy, especially focused on prisoner’s rights, parole and reentry challenges.  For many years she trained and supervised clinical students enrolled in the Georgetown University Law Center, Criminal Justice Clinic as they represented parole clients and as they taught men and women serving life sentences through the Legal Research and Writing class in Jessup.  Professor Moyd also coordinated PDS Parole Division’s partnership with Howard University Law School, Criminal Justice Clinic and she was a Visiting Clinic Professor at the University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of Law teaching the Prisoner’s Rights and Advocacy Clinic.

Professor Moyd serves on the Law Clinic Kuje Prison Advisory Committee with several other law school clinicians.  This professional clinical advisory team provides mentorship and guidance to the Law Clinic Partnership.  Through service on this committee, she has trained law students and clinicians at three law schools in Abuja, Nigeria as they provide legal aid services to detainees awaiting trial at Kuje Prison. In October 2019, she conducted a two-day training titled, Investigation 101 for over one hundred Nigerian law students from the Baze, Nile and University of Abuja law schools.  She continues to serve on this advisory committee mentoring Nigerian legal fellows, facilitating the Student Peer Exchange Project and coordinating other exchange opportunities.

She  currently serves on several boards including the D.C. Council for Court  Excellence, The Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform and Panacea Media  Humanized, a media format to build spaces for constructive dialogue to showcase  humane solutions.  Her most recent  publication can be found in the

  Washington  University Journal of Law & Policy, 68 Wash.U.J.L. & Pol’Y (2022)  Klein |  Teaching about Justice by Teaching with Justice: Global Perspectives on  Clinical Legal Education and Rebellious Lawyering, | Washington University  Journal of Law and Policy ( and The American Bar Association,  Criminal Justice Magazine, Spring 2021.

Areas of Specialization
Clinical Legal Education (national and international)
Parole Representation
Re-Entry Reform
Prisoner’s Rights
For the Media
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