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Padideh Ala'i Professor WCL,Washington College of Law

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WCL - Washington College of Law
Yuma - Y305
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Area of Expertise

International business transactions; international trade; comparative legal traditions; law and development; international arbitration and litigation; WTO law; responsibilities of international organizations

Additional Information

Padideh Ala’i, a professor of law at American University's Washington College of Law (WCL), specializes in law of the World Trade Organization (WTO law), international economic law, and comparative legal traditions. She teaches the Law of the World Trade Organization and writes in the areas of history and free trade, international efforts to combat corruption, and issues relating to trade and good governance with emphasis on the concept of “transparency” in governance.  Alai also teaches comparative law with a focus on religious legal traditions and the role of religion in governance.  Her recent research looks at how attitudes toward law are affected by a religion's world view.  In addition, she has published/coedited a book entitled: Trade as Guarantor of Peace, Liberty and Security?  Critical, Historical and Empirical Perspectives (ASIL Studies in Transnational Legal Policy no. 37 2006). Examples of her other publications include "The Legacy of Geographical Morality and Colonialism: A Historical Assessment of the Current Crusade against Conception," Journal of Transnational Law,October 2000; "Judicial Lobbying at the WTO: The Controversy Surrounding the Use of Amicus Curiae Briefs at the WTO and the U.S. Experience," Fordham Journal of International Law; “From the Periphery to the Center? The Evolving WTO Jurisprudence on Transparency and Good Governance,” Journal of International Economic Law, 2008; “The WTO and the Anti-Corruption Movement,” Loyola University Chicago International Law Review Fall/Winter 2008; “Trade and Sustainable Development,” SKKU Journal of Science and Technology Law Fall 2010.  An unpublished manuscript is entitled: "The Paradoxical Nature of the Sharia’h (Islamic Law): A Guide to Human Nature” and forthcoming is her book Trade and Climate Change(Elgar Publishing).

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To request an interview for a news story, call AU Communications at 202-885-5950 or submit a request.

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