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Nicassia Belton AA AA

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Dr. Nicassia Belton is the Director of Data and Accountability for Career Programs in the Division of Career and College Readiness at the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), where she provides strategic oversight of the accountability system, program evaluation, research, and data collections for career programs in Maryland to include secondary and postsecondary Career and Technical Education (CTE), Computer Science, Dual Enrollment, Early College, and Work-based Learning. Her work at MSDE utilizes her extensive knowledge of quantitative tools, techniques, and programming to include descriptive statistics, statistical inference, multivariate analysis, linear and multiple regression analysis, modeling, data cleansing, ETL for traditional and big data, data validation, data warehousing, study design, survey design, survey analysis, Qualtrics, SPSS, SAS, Stata, and SQL to examine student access, performance equity, and program quality and the influence of academic, demographic, and social factors on student persistence and success.

Dr. Belton received her Ed.D. in Mathematics Education and a B.S. in Mathematics with a statistics concentration from Morgan State University, and a M.S. in Mathematics with a Computational Finance specialization from Purdue University. Dr. Belton has spent over a decade working with the Maryland State Department of Education and Maryland universities promoting a culture of strategic data use and showcasing the value of data for all stakeholders to support data-driven decision-making to drive continuous program improvement.


Spring 2022

  • PROF-650 Evaluation: Quantitative Meth

Fall 2022

  • PROF-650 Evaluation: Quantitative Meth