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Photograph of Wendy Boland

Wendy Boland Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies Dean Grad & Prof Studies

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(202) 885-1976 (Office)
Grad and Prof Studies, Office of
Spring Valley Building - 428
By appointment only
Additional Positions at AU
Associate Professor of Marketing
Ph.D. in Marketing, University of Arizona M.B.A., University of Massachusetts B.S.B.A. in Accounting, Bucknell

Professor Boland joined the Marketing Department at Kogod in the fall of 2008 after receiving her Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Arizona. Her research focuses on consumer decision making, risky consumption, consumer well-being, information processing, and marketing and public policy issues, especially those dealing with child and adolescent consumers. Her work has been published in several journals including the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the Journal of Business Research, and Appetite. Professor Boland’s teaching interests include consumer behavior, principles of marketing, marketing research, and marketing policy. Currently, Dr. Boland serves as the Dean of Graduate & Professional Studies for American University. Prior to this role, she served as the Associate Dean for Programs and Learning in the Kogod School of Business.


Spring 2021

  • HNRS-398 Honors Challenge Course

  • MKTG-612 Marketing Management

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Selected Publications

Boland, Wendy Attaya, Martin, Ingrid M., and Maryls Mason (2020), “In Search of Well-being: Factors Influencing the Movement Toward and Away from Maladaptive Consumption” Journal of Consumer Affairs, July.  

Finkelstein, Stacey R., Wendy Attaya Boland, Beth Vallen, Paul M. Connell, Gary D. Sherman, and Kristen A. Feemster (2019), “Psychological reactance impacts ratings of pediatrician vaccine-related communication quality, perceived vaccine safety, and vaccination priority among U.S. parents,” Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, December.

Soster, Robin L. and Wendy Attaya Boland (2019), “Private Disclosure; Public Exposure: An Exploratory Consideration of Gender Asymmetries in Adolescent Sexting,” Journal of Marketing Behavior, 3 (4), 263-292.

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Russell, Cristel Antonia, Dale W. Russell, Wendy Attaya Boland and Joel W. Grube (2014), “Television’s Cultivation of American Adolescents’ Beliefs about Alcohol and the Moderating Role of Trait Reactance,” Journal of Children and Media, 8 (1), 5-22.

Boland, Wendy Attaya, Paul M. Connell, and Beth Vallen (2013), “Time of Day Effects on the Regulation of Food Consumption After Activation of Health Goals,” Appetite, 70, 47-52.

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Boland, Wendy Attaya, Paul M. Connell and Lance-Michael Erickson (2012), “Children’s Conceptualization of Sales Promotions and Their Impact on Purchase Behavior,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 22 (2), 272-279.

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Freeman, Dan, Merrie Brucks, Melanie Wallendorf, and Wendy Boland (2009), “Youths’ Understanding of Cigarette Advertising,” Addictive Behaviors, 34, 36-42.