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Photograph of Britten Rollo

Britten Rollo Senior Administrative Assistant Psychology

BA (2005), SUNY Purchase; Creative Writing and Literature

Favorite Spot on Campus
Asbury Courtyard
Book Currently Reading
"1984" "Thanks Obama" "It"
Britten handles the budgetary needs of the Psychology Department and lets her extroverted self out by showing off photos of her four children to anyone who stops by the Main Office and by dying her hair bright colors (current favorite combination is silver, purple, and teal). She's a fierce mom to her 4 kids; (disregarding titles like "stepmom" whenever possible for the older three after 10+ years of marriage to their Dad) their sweet little boy in Kindergarten, their two boys in high school in SD, and their oldest, a current AU undergraduate. Britten is a proud Ally and is always available to help you feel safe or welcomed.