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Erin Horan AA AA

PhD, Educational Psychology, University of Georgia
<br />MA, Psychology, Stony Brook University
<br />BA, Psychology, Stony Brook University

Erin Horan, PhD, is the Assistant Director for Research, Assessment & Pedagogy in the Center for Teaching, Research & Learning at American University. Her work and consultations are aimed at advancing research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. She guides faculty through systematically investigating their teaching in order to make informed instructional decisions and share their research findings with publications, presentations, and other scholarly outlets. Her research interests include the assessment of programming efforts in Centers for Teaching and Learning and the efficacy of various methods of evaluating teaching such as teaching portfolios and student evaluations of teaching.

Erin holds a PhD from the University of Georgia in Educational Psychology, Applied Cognition and Development. She is the Managing Editor of the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Prior to joining American University, Dr. Horan was a Postdoctoral Research Analyst in the Office of Quality, Curriculum, and Assessment at the Association of American Colleges and Universities, where her research focused on assessment and accreditation in higher education, specifically related to the validity of assessment techniques that utilize authentic student work.