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Photograph of Jan Post

Jan Post Assistant Vice President of Finance and Chief Budget Officer FIN | Finance and Treasury Executive Office

MA, Political Science/Public Administration, University of Amsterdam

Jan Post is the Assistant Vice President of Finance and Chief Budget Officer in the Office of Finance and Treasurer (OFT) Since 2000, Jan has worked for American University in a variety of functions dealing with grant and contract project development, program management, and budget leadership at both the school and university level. In the OFT, Jan is responsible for the development, execution, and evaluation of the university's operating budgets. Prior to coming to the OFT, Jan served in a variety of budget and program leadership functions in the School of International Service (SIS), the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and the School of Education (SOE). Jan obtained an MA in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a concentration in public administration and comparative politics. Jan has also completed professional certificates in the areas of grant management and project management.