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Photograph of Marianne Johnson

Marianne Johnson Part Time Staff Housing and Dining Programs

Additional Positions at AU
Wonk Trial Invitational Coordinator
Law & Society and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Double Major

Marianne Johnson is a senior in both the School of Public Affairs and The College of Arts and Sciences with a double major in Law & Society and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Marianne currently serves as both Vice President and Wonk Trial Coordinator. She initiated the idea of American University sponsoring its first Mock Trial tournament in 2011.  With the help of Professor Jessica Waters, Marianne obtained the necessary approval, funding, and space request from the University. She also recruited over 18 schools to compete, over 100 legal professionals from the community to serve as judges, and oversaw all other fine details of the event. The Tournament was repeated this past fall with 20 schools in attendance. Marianne is excited to see what the 2013 season has in store our AU team.