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Photograph of Neisha-Anne Green

Neisha-Anne Green Senior Director, Academic Support UEAS | Student Disability Support

MA, Writing Composition & Rhetoric, Lehman College, CUNY

BA, Professional Writing, Lehman College, CUNY

Favorite Spot on Campus
The Quad
Academic Interests: Social Justice Pedagogy, Writing Center Theory and Practice, Writing Center Tutor Education

What began as volunteer work has blossomed into passion for Neisha-Anne. Outside of her graduate work, she has fueled her passion by presenting and attending Writing Center and Composition conferences. She has presented at the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, the North East Writing Center Association Conference and the Conference on College Composition and Communication. She has also had presentations accepted at the International Writing Center Association Conference as well as the Conference on Cultural Rhetoric.

In her article “The Re-Education of Neisha-Anne S Green: A Close Look at the Damaging Effects of ‘a Standard Approach,’ the Benefits of Code-meshing, and the Role Allies Play in this Work”, she closely looking at her own education, the role others played in those re-educations as well as the use of code-meshing as a tool for success.

Neisha-Anne is a multidialectal orator and author proud of her roots in Barbados and Yonkers, NY. She is a social/academic justice accomplice always interrogating and exploring the use of everyone’s language as a resource who is getting better at speaking up for herself and others.