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Photograph of Nathan Slusher

Nathan Slusher AA AA

Additional Positions at AU
Director, Career Education & Outreach
M.Ed., The Ohio State University; B.S., The Ohio State University

Nathan oversees the career advising teams for students in AU's College of Arts and Sciences and School of Education, as well first and second year undergraduate students in the School of International Service. He also manages career education programs and marketing and communications for the Career Center. His previous experience in higher education includes academic advising, employer and alumni engagement, and student employment. Nathan lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and their two children. He enjoys movies, podcasts, and reading. He is not an avid runner or yogi, but tries his best at both. He is also on the Board of Urban Adventure Squad, a non-profit organization that supports working families and schools with community-based, hands-on learning for schoolchildren all over the Washington, D.C., area.