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Photograph of Robert Osborne

Robert Osborne AUx Instructor & Advisor Office of Undergraduate Education and Academic Student Services

Additional Positions at AU
First Year Advisor & AUx Instructor
Adjunct Professor of Philosophy
B.A. in Philosophy, Wheaton College
M.A. in Philosophy, University of Illinois
Ph.D. in Philosophy, Northwestern University

Carry Osborne (he/him) holds a PhD in Philosophy from Northwestern University. He joined AU in 2021 as a First Year Advisor and AUx Instructor. He began teaching in the Department of Philosophy and Religion in 2022 as adjunct faculty. He teaches in the AU Core: AUx1, AUx2, and Ethical Reasoning HOM courses. His philosophy teaching focuses on ethics, both applied and theoretical.


Spring 2024

  • CORE-200 AU Experience II

  • CORE-200 AU Experience II

  • CORE-200 AU Experience II

  • PHIL-120 Do the Right Thing