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Photograph of Shamira James

Shamira James Marketing and Communications Coordinator SA | Housing

Roanoke College - B.A. Communications

Shamira James is from the vibrant city of Baltimore. Armed with a BA in Communications and Creative Writing, she's traversed through various avenues of professional exploration, finding her passion in leveraging storytelling to connect and engage.

Her journey has led her to work with two dynamic small businesses, where she played a pivotal role in kickstarting and nurturing their social presence. One notable venture was with a Jamaican-owned hair care brand, where she immersed herself in the nuances of cultural identity and community building through digital platforms.

During her college years, she embraced the role of Resident Assistant (RA) with gusto, relishing the opportunity to be a guiding light and resource for fellow students. It was this experience that sparked her desire to continue fostering supportive communities, leading me to her current role at American University in Housing and Residence Life.

"I'm privileged to merge my expertise in communications with my passion for student support, crafting engaging content while serving as a reliable resource for our vibrant student body. Beyond the confines of my professional duties, I channel my creative energies into several personal projects, including hosting and producing a pop culture podcast."