Simona Assenova

Senior Foreign National Specialist
Payroll Office

  • One of the two Foreign National Specialists, Simona meets with non resident alien students, faculty and staff to collect data and determine appropriate taxation of payments. She also processes any taxable stipend payments for Graduate Scholarships or Fellowships. As an authorized agent of the university, Simona assists non resident aliens in applying for an ITIN number as necessary. Other functions include the processing of pay for for monthly staff who are on FMLA and/or STD. Simona primarily serves departments in Team 3 and 4 which can be reviewed by clicking on the "See Also" section located on the right.

  • Payroll Office
  • New Mexico (3201) - 350
  • 9:00am to 7:00pm, Monday - Thursday

  • (202) 885-3506
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