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Sean Milligan Part Time Staff General Education Program

BS Mathematics & Philosophy (In Progress)

Languages Spoken
English, Elementary Spanish, Elementary Italian
Favorite Spot on Campus
Grassy area overlooking Ward Circle.
Favorite Place in Washington DC
Capitol grounds

Sean Milligan is from Holbrook, NY and until coming to DC has lived his entire life on Long Island.

After his first community service trip in the summer of 2008, Sean became impassioned with participating in construction projects in developing nations. He has repeatedly gone abroad for service every summer since. He has maintained a fervor for community service through fundraising on Long Island and at American University supporting the Hope for the Children Foundation’s housing development in Nicaragua to the Aiden Rivera Schaeff anti-LGBT bullying endowment fund in DC.

Interested in how privacy rights, internet law, and intellectual property law interact, Sean is a privacy advocate hoping to go into cryptography and develop privacy protecting software. In the interim, he is pursuing work in higher education administration, after taking an interest in 'university politics.'