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Asvatha Babu PHD.COMM

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Asvatha Babu is a PhD student at American University’s School of Communication studying technology hype in media and governments’ adoption of emerging technologies as tools of development and soft power. Her research interests include internet governance, cybersecurity, and the use of technology in the developing world. She graduated with her M.A. from the School of International Service at American University where she focused on cybersecurity and technology policy. She went on to work as a Research Fellow at the Blockchain Trust Accelerator at New America where she was able to study the use of blockchain technology for social impact. She has also worked as a Research Associate at the Institute on Disability and Public Policy at American University where she conducted research on global disability policy and inclusive technologies. She has interned at the Centre for Internet and Society in Bangalore, India where she researched the multi-stakeholder model of internet governance, at the Atlantic Council's Cyber Statecraft Initiative, and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation in Washington, DC.